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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens were once hidden at the back of the home. It was simply a space where meals were cooked, and soiled dishes were cleaned. In 2022, the kitchen will have a very different function. Nowadays, the kitchen is the heart of the house, bringing everyone together at the start of the day or at the end of a hard day.

Kitchens have evolved significantly throughout the years, and planning for your kitchen renovation is critical. The growth of the modern kitchen has been substantially aided by technological advancements and shifting social dynamics. There is much more emphasis on open concept houses that are centered around the kitchen to allow everyone to be together. Clean and simple layouts have become favorites for homeowners, as with any modern design trend, with natural light being a key component of the overall aesthetic and function of the kitchen space.

There are plenty of trendy styles and must-have appliances to choose from, with innovative kitchen brands sprouting up. There are loads of novel design concepts and ingenious innovations on existing appliance designs to pick from.

Cabinetry, backsplash, vintage looks, shelves, and more – Below, we look at the top kitchen renovation trends to inspire your next kitchen to remodel:

  1. Glass Backsplash

Put a glass backsplash on your list of choices to consider if you want to renovate an old kitchen or rebuild the entire area.

If you decide to choose a glass backsplash, it will offer subtle modern touches without creating a mismatch of old and new features. Only the light from the glass strikes the eye while the attention remains on the cabinetry.

For safety, glass backsplashes should always be made of toughened glass – sometimes known as tempered glass. The procedure strengthens the glass (as the name implies), and if it shatters, it will break into chunks rather than sharp pieces.

If you’re installing a modern kitchen in a period home, this is a good choice to consider because it creates a subtle link between the two.

  1. Glazed Tile Backsplash

A glazed tiled backsplash is nothing new, but the trend will change away from matt finishes and toward gloss. This glossy design is not only easy to clean, but it also effectively reflects light around the kitchen space, regardless of color.

They provide a wonderful contrast with the earthy hues and offer several layers of texture to the area when combined with rustic wood and marble work tables.

Choose glazed white tiles for a more subtle style that will make the most of the natural light. With their uneven surface and various tones, these handcrafted glazed kitchen tiles add texture and artisan flair to your kitchen.

  1. Mixing In Vintage And Antiques

Modern kitchen trends are all about eliminating any conceptions of a show house. Incorporating vintage or antique furniture into a kitchen immediately creates a warm, lived-in home feel.

A scrubbed kitchen table or dresser is the natural choice for a classic appearance in farmhouse kitchen furniture. Antique objects will provide character to a new kitchen because they are timeless, durable, and generally affordable to buy at vintage fairs.

  1. Glass Partitions

We’ve learned to appreciate the benefits of being able to lock the door and escape the soundscape of the entire home after years of pulling down walls to construct vast open-plan rooms. A glazed wall may divide rooms while maintaining a light and a sense of unity. It also helps to keep odors in the kitchen area under control.

If your present kitchen arrangement does not permit an entire glass wall, a smaller glazed panel can improve a room by adding architectural interest and serving as a backdrop for a piece of furniture.

  1. Single Open Shelf

With so much going on in kitchens, there is always the potential for visual overload. Those seeking a more restrained design can concentrate on colors, which should be kept basic, and consider keeping wall space empty.

The shelf is employed in place of cupboards to provide a visual break from the monochromatic plan and to give the concrete backsplash a place to stop. A well-curated display is vital when dealing with open kitchen storage. To upscale the kitchen space, some designers tend to apply a single open shelf for artwork rather than kitchenalia.

With that, I hope the shared information will help you in your kitchen renovation!

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