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Bulbs are very important when it comes to setting the mood for lighting. We have written many posts about how lighting is a beautiful way to set the mood in a home, office, or any space. For example, lighting is considered very important in hotels and restaurants. But we miss the point that the bulb inside is of most importance along with chandeliers, lampshades and ceiling lights.

Here is the review of bulbs which you can use for lighting:

Incandescent bulb


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This bulb is inexpensive and is widely available in different shapes and sizes that are easy to install. The filament bulbs are considered to be popular choices. But the thing to be noted is that these forms of bulbs tend to burn out quickly. The reflector bulbs are a type of incandescent subgroup; they have a narrow and controlled beam which projects the double amount of light of the typical filament bulbs. Another type is parabolic reflectors which have a very narrow beam and shine four times the light.



Technically these are the subset of the incandescent. The halogens combine with filaments with gas, and it creates brighter and whiter light. Although halogen bulbs are more expensive than incandescent bulbs, they also last longer, and they have options through which they could be dimmed and conserve energy. In addition, low voltage halogens are available, which provide the same type of light but in a controlled beam and are practical for all the lighting effects.


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These are available in the form of long tubes and form of compact bulbs as well. The fluorescents last ten times longer than incandescent and can burn five times brighter, it consumes less energy and, most importantly, emit little heat, but the only thing is this cannot be dimmed.

LED’s are the latest things now available, consuming less electricity and generating bright light and available in eco-friendly bulbs.

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