Know About Lighting To Set Right Mood Part 4


Living Room Warm Lighting

As in an earlier post, we have discussed the lighting and how effective they are in setting the mood at the same time; you must know which bulbs to choose.

In an earlier post, we discussed the different types of bulbs, such as incandescent and its types, halogens, and the fluorescents.

Now point of discussion is which type of bulb is supposed to be used?

The answer or trick or tip is that you match the type of the light source with that of your décor. The lighting, bulbs, and different decorative lampshades, chandeliers, etc., must be fully integrated with the full design and décor of the room, home, or office.

Creative and Luxury Interior Decoration Ideas

For a room that has warm materials like the wood or the terracotta material décor used, then for such room, you can enhance it with the bulbs of incandescent yellow or the orange hues, which will work beautifully well.

Spacious Living Space with Red Sofa Recessed Lighting and Blue Modular Desk Furniture

If you have cooler tones in the room, like the grey and blue, it will be better to choose the whiter halogens, which are a much better choice and will render the room in truer color than incandescent or fluorescents.

Modern Bedroom Lighting at Contemporary and Luxury

For energy efficiency, you can though choose to have fluorescents. Do these types of bulbs in areas in which you tend to leave lights on? This is because they don’t generate much heat. Thus, you will have a cooler home. The suggestion is that you use it in the hallways, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Amazing Modern Apartment

Also, when you are thinking about lighting, you need to know your home’s wiring. It can be done if you are building a new house, great, or getting a renovation, but rewiring is messy and expensive.

Modern Apartment Decorating Ideas

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