Know About the Crown Molding – Part 2


Beautiful Crown MoldingsThe Crown molding is architectural element which is used on top of walls or on windows. It serves a decorative purpose but at same time gives a look to ceiling such as it adds a décor. It serves decorative purpose and is available in many styles, types, materials, profiles, finishes etc. The crown molding is also called as cornice molding, cornice trim and is used for complimenting various applications and decors in home and even in offices, restaurants and spaces. Crown molding gives a royal look to the ceilings.

The crown moldings distinguish by their profiles, which gives the style and the visual appeal. Some designs are simple s shaped profiles, cove crown moldings are basic concave curve, egg dart crown molding is elaborating type which series of lines or bulbs. Examples are Rosevine which uses the roses and flowers and dentil molding has rows of equidistant squares, or rectangles on lower edge.

Install Crown MoldingInstallation:

Crown moldings are very easy in installation. However process of measuring and them cutting molding at times is difficult as well as time consuming. The difficulty is more to make correct miter cuts at corners of molding or points where two crown moldings meet. Manufacturers these days are selling precut kits designed which fit in corner and even around other obstructions.

Advantages of crown moldings:

The crown moldings offer many advantages to the homeowners. It provides ornamental function, making ceiling look so beautiful, it breaks continuous smooth space to give a visual appeal. It is effective tool for making tall room look proportional. Crown moldings are effective way through which you will be able to hide wires or the speakers etc. which you install at ceiling level.

Beautiful Crown Moldings


High quality crown moldings tend to be expensive. Lower quality crown moldings have low quality appearance. Crown molding can make room which has low ceiling appear lower.

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