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Led Lighting in Contemporary Living Room

LED lighting has skyrocketed in these recent years and the sales have boosted. Yet people actually don’t know about LED and its technology. Well the benefits of the LED remain unappreciated. Here is some information on LED lights and technology:

LED Stand

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

It is type of solid state lighting which uses semiconductor to convert the energy into light.

Led Bulbs in Contemporary Kitchen

The LED bulbs, lights are 6 to 7 times more energy efficient than the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Leads to 80 % reduction in energy consumption and this mean lesser energy cost or electricity bills.

Led Lights in Contemporary Garden

LED lights help in reduce greenhouse emissions.

LED lights have no mercury so they have significant smaller environmental footprint as compared to incandescent bulb.

LED bulbs last longer than any conventional bulbs.

LED lights are cool in burning.

Compact Led In Modern Kitchen

LED lights are compact in size.

LED lights are resistant to breakage

LED lights are able to deliver focused light.

LED lights are more versatile then conventional light sources.

Led Lighting in Modern Media Room

LED lights are used in time displays, LED TVs, traffic lights and street lights now.

Comparison of incandescent bulb, fluorescent lights and LED lights, the incandescent bulbs relies on filament which glows white hot to produce light, and this is responsible of bulb energy consumption, fluorescent light uses gases contained in tubes but it is LED lights which are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

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  1. LED technology is continually advancing – producing brighter LED bulbs. The U.S. Department of Energy hopes to reduce the electricity used for lighting by 50% by converting to LED based light sources.


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