Know the Difference between Accent Furniture and Occasional Furniture Before You Buy

On May 21, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

It is true that when most of us decide to buy furniture, we generally do not know about their types and we follow trends blindly, without understanding how specific furniture will suit our interiors or not. If you want to decorate your home with accent furniture or with occasional furniture, then you must first know the difference between them. They are quite related terms, but depending on the type of furniture that you use, these can be divided as accent or occasional furniture. There can also be other types like antique ones, traditional wooden varieties and modern art décor furniture, but the accent and the occasional furniture, no doubt, enhances the overall look of your interior in the best possible manner.

What Is The Precise Definition Of Occasional Furniture? 

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If you install coffee tables or end tables as part of your drawing room decoration, then they can be categorized as occasional furniture. You can also use other alternatives for these pieces of furniture and the basic fact remains that those types of furniture that are used occasionally, are called occasional furniture.  There are also tables that are used occasionally in the lounges or in the garden area, and for that also, you can use the term occasional furniture. For instance, if you use a piece of furniture to be used only in the guest rooms, or for use only during some festive occasions, then these are also called occasional furniture.

  • There are also some other types of furniture like the hickory rockers, or the traditional grandfather or grandmother rockers, which you feel like using when you are in a nostalgic mood. They are generally not used everyday, and they are used once in a blue moon.

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  • If you have major pieces of furniture in a room, including sofa or an armchair, then the occasional furniture refers to all those pieces of small furniture that expose and accentuate the larger pieces and enhance the overall decorative pattern of your room. In fact, nightstands, ottomans and lift chair which you use only when relatives and guests arrive in your home are also pieces of occasional furniture that you can include as part of your room décor.

What Is Accent Furniture And How Can You Decorate Your Home With These?

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As the name suggests, the accent furniture emphasizes or accentuates the décor of nay room, which you want. If you want to build a theme-based interior, then also the accent furniture is of equal importance. A chess table, or a simple round table can be called to be the best pieces for accent furniture, and you can accentuate the look by putting as the centre-piece a flower vase, a candle stand or a piece of reed diffuser. When you utilize the best parts of accent furniture from the online stores, the furniture specialists will tell you that a piece of accent furniture is much smaller than the main piece of furniture in any room.

  • A wooden chest in the hallway or a small table in the lounge area, or a large free-standing globe on your office table or a corporate statue as part of your office decoration adds more accent to the already existing décor.

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  • You can use accent furniture and occasional furniture both in the living rooms, inside the drawing rooms and in the bedrooms. The accent furniture is a rare piece in a kitchen and they are generally not seen in washroom cubicles or in bathrooms, but you can experiment with fresh sets of toiletry stands or racks, or by installing decorative carousels and bath salts. 

There are many furniture dealers who are available in the retail stores from where you can choose best furniture for your home.

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