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Interior Designing is the art and science that belongs from the ancient history. With the help of interior designing you can design your house or office with a special and unique attempt that goes with your house and office work. It also tells you how to create and balance positive energy in your home or office. It is considered good luck for good health and fortune. Hence in the culture of designing these two elements are considered with their association to good health.

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There is something called the Feng Shui which is directly based on these five elements of nature that can in turn lead to a happy and healthy the use of these elements all the negativity can be removed from your house of work place and only positivity prevails leading to good health and fortune. These elements are related to various different and material that can be used to design the interiors of your household.

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The five basic elements of Nature that are considered and made use in Feng Shui are: Earth, Wood, Fire, Water and Metal. Some interior design tips for the usage of these elements can be in the form of the following items at your home, viz: Earth- in order to upgrade the Earth element in your house you can use pebbles, pottery and stones and the colours used for this element are light brown, tan and ochre. Wood – in order to bring about the wood element in your house you can use money plant and bamboo plant and colours associated with the wood element are brown and green. Fire – you can bring about this element in your house by the use of fire place in your house or simply candles and the colours associated with the fire element are purple, pink, orange, yellow and red. Water – Water element in your house can be represented by an aquarium or a water fountain in your house and the colours associated with the water element are black and blue. Metal – things associated with this colour are metal vases, wind chimes and metal frames and the colours associated with this element are grey or white.

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Thus if you believe in the science of interior designing then you must consult a designing Expert and ask for the various options that can be present and which is good for your home and workplace. Following are the options that you can use in your household and work place and that can be done by by anyone who wishes to, viz:

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You should make sure that your house is clean and positive energy should flow in your house. A very cluttered place unnecessarily brings about tention. Therefore keep an ordered living environment for yourself and your family members too. The quality of having an uncluttered lifestyle is truly the finest of all qualities. It is top rated and most hygienic. What more do you want? Thus we see that having an uncluttered style of living your life is the most important of all things. You should never be in a habit of cluttering your place or table where you sit and study or eat your food. Your study table should also be free from all sorts of clutter.

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