Know Your Options When Choosing Hardwood Flooring


The features and amenities separate luxury homes from ordinary ones. When you decide to live in a beautiful environment to enjoy luxurious living, it is quite normal to focus on the amenities of the property among which the flooring is a very critical component of interior amenities. For long, timber products have closely been associated with symbols of luxury, and it is not usual that high-end apartments like Norman apartments OK boast of hardwood like flooring that is one of the top items in the list of stunning amenities that come with the property.

If you have a craze for some organic flooring, then installing wood flooring is the best option. Wood floors can be of many kinds, but unless you know the options available, you could be making the wrong choice. Here are your options of wood flooring and you would surely find one that meets your style and taste as well as budget.

Solid Hardwood

Solid Hardwood Flooring

If you want nothing less than the best in terms of wood purity and durability, then installing solid hardwood floor is the best option. The wooden planks made from solid hardwood are usually 18 to 20 mm thick, and every plank has a tongue and groove arrangement for fitting the planks together when placed against one another. The hardness of wood depends on the species of tree from which it comes and available in varied hardness. The hardest floor will be the most resilient and can withstand heavy load without denting or scratching. It is easy to maintain the good looks and restore the beauty by sanding and refinishing it periodically. Solid hardwood has a strong visual appeal and adds value to the property that genuinely looks luxurious.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood is available in planks of 14 mm thickness and consists of 3-4 layers of wood glued together. On the top is a 4 mm thick layer of real wood that gives it the appearance of solid hardwood floor that can be sanded and refinished a certain number of times to retain its beauty and good looks. Engineered hardwood has better stability and can withstand the effects of temperature and humidity changes that can distort the planks. Engineered hardwood floors can be a cheaper alternative for solid hardwood floors that are very expensive, and it is even better than laminate floors.


Quality Laminate Floors

Laminate floors look like wooden floors but made from layers of fiberboard pasted together and finished off with a photographic image of the wood grain to resemble wood floors. This is why many people call it a faux wood floor. The surface can also assume the appearance of a tile floor or stone floor by using a suitable photographic image. A protective coating on the surface of the floor helps to retain the looks and prevent damage. Such floors are less durable than wood floors and less expensive too.

For those who prefer something off-beat, there are some more options like installing bamboo flooring made from bamboo grass stalks and another innovative option is to install cork flooring obtained from cork tree bark.

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