Laminate Flooring Is A Wise Decision For Your Interiors


When it is about flooring, the decision is never easy. You always need to consider various aspects before choosing to floor for your interiors, be it residential or commercial. Laminate floors have emerged as the new age, versatile option with exclusive pressure withstanding capacity of around 1,100 pounds per sq foot. It is becoming one of the prime choices in flooring owing to its irresistible characteristics like durability and abrasion resistance, scratch proof, tough melamine external layer and resin-coated surface.

Laminate Flooring Excels over other Choices

Laminate Flooring

There are numerous reasons why the laminate floor is a wise choice for your interiors. Starting from appearance to budget, durability to comfort, versatility to uniqueness, it encompasses all.

  • It offers you exclusive wooden texture with a high-end finish and polish with almost 80 to 90% wood.
  • Laminate floors are highly resistant to damages like fading or discolouring from direct sunlight. Therefore, you can easily install them even at the exterior pathway, corridors, etc. Moreover, nowadays, UV rays protected special laminate boards are also available, which offer you over the brim protection to your laminate flooring under direct exposure of sunlight.
  • The distinguished wooden polish and texture offer you an additional anti-dust feature since dust, particles, hair, or allergens are easily visible on this type of flooring. This, in turn, enhances cleaning ease.
  • Due to its distinct hard surface, it is highly pressure-resistant, shock absorbent and scratch proof. Therefore, even if you pull or drag heavy furniture, you can still find the floor unaltered and unscratched.
  • You can also avail waterproof laminates, which will offer you protection against dampening.
  • Owing to its exclusive high-end thermal resistant, your floor will neither heat up nor be too cold during weather changes.
  • You can easily count on laminate floors for years since they are well known for their high-end durability and lasting quality. You can take an advanced approach and choose AC rated laminates rating 3 or above to ensure better durability.

Installation of Laminate Floors

Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate floors are commendable for the installation ease they offer. The laminate boards come with interlocking patterns. This makes it completely hassle-free. You can even try your hand with the installation; it is as easy as that.

Moreover, if you are planning to install laminate boards over already existing flooring, you can avoid troubling affairs like nailing, gluing, stapling, etc. strenuous jobs. Since the laminate boards are characterised with floating ability, they are highly preferred in renovations, redesigning of floors, where it saves a lot of time and effort in installation through the floating mechanism. While many hardwood floors are not compatible with concrete or vinyl subfloors, laminate boards are easy to manage on all types of surfaces.

Available in Varied Texture and Finish

Best Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors can be acquired in different finishes. You have an extensive range of wooden finishes, stone style texture, and stylised tile finish available in the market nowadays.

Budget Compatible

Hardwood Flooring

While hardwood flooring can dig a hole in your pocket if you have a constrained budget, laminate flooring can fit in your happy go lucky budget plan. Moreover, despite the low investment, the look and appearance, which you can acquire through laminate flooring are no less than hardwood floors. Besides, these are mostly waterproof, heat resistant, and stain-resistant, cleaning and maintenance is a handy affair. Thus, neither does the installation costs you much nor the maintenance.

Therefore, nothing can be a smarter deal than laminate floor if you are looking for something stylish, gaudy, and easy to maintain within your restricted budget. You can easily choose a desired laminate flooring and texture out of the exorbitant range available in the market to design your interiors in a pocket-friendly way.

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