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Landscape Design

Are you looking for the hottest landscape design trends for 2020? If so, you have come to the right place. The concept of spending time outdoors is becoming popular with many homeowners across the globe. Homeowners have started to pay more attention to their landscape quality to make this concept a reality. The appeal of a well-groomed and maintained landscape cannot be further ignored. That’s why you need to pay close attention to the latest landscape trends. This article provides information on popular landscape design trends for 2020.

Bring The Indoors Outside

Over 50% of homeowners prefer to use their backyards for entertaining. Outdoor rooms have become a huge trend in 2020. Many homeowners are constructing patios in their backyards to entertain family and guests. A patio serves as a comfortable and convenient retreat for your family and guests. They use pillows, sofas, outdoor seating, and other amenities to create a multifunctional patio with a dining space, kitchen, and a place to entertain guests. Pergolas are another concept that will grow in popularity in 2020. They are outdoor structures that shade your passageways and walkways. When you have a specially constructed outdoor area for entertaining purposes, you will spend more time in nature. That’s why you need to invest in a patio or pergola to bring the indoors outside.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens have become a hot landscaping trend for people living in small homes and apartments. Vertical gardens will help you to save space and use the existing space efficiently. A vertical garden grows upward using support systems such as a trellis. You can grow plants, vegetables, and flowers in a vertical garden. If you have a large garden, you can use a vertical garden as an accent fence. They are also used to hide areas in the garden that are not so aesthetically pleasing. You need to work with a professional landscaping service to design the best vertical garden in the available land space.

Minimalist Lighting

Minimalist lighting is going to be one of the top ten landscaping trends in 2020. Hidden lighting fixtures will be used to illuminate the garden. LED lights can be placed under benches, bridges, and other structures in the garden. Low voltage and LED lights are becoming popular in the effort to bring the outdoors inside. The outdoors will feel safer and cozy with minimalist lighting.

Dark Colour Palettes

Dark color palettes were the latest trend for outdoors in 2020. Every outdoor space needs repainting after some time. Months of wear and tear will weaken the appeal of your outdoors. Make sure you use a dark color palette when repainting your outdoor structures. When you paint the fence with a dark color, it will give the illusion of more space. Make sure you consult a professional landscaping service, like InnovaScape, to choose the right colors for your outdoors.

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