Landscaping Tips For Making Your Home More Energy-Efficient


Landscaping Tips

In recent times, many people are shifting to energy-efficient methods for their homes. Everyone wants to conserve energy and their electric bill to enjoy their home in the best way. One way to be energy-efficient is to landscape the home smartly.

Yes, even small landscaping changes can have a significant impact on your energy conservation. Here are some of the best landscaping tips for making your home energy-efficient.

  1. Planting Deciduous Trees

Even planting specific trees can help you save your energy costs. Deciduous trees, like the Blue Arrow Juniper, are one of the best ways to do that. In summers, deciduous trees take up seventy to ninety percent of the sun’s rays, and they allow a cool breeze to pass through its leaves.

In the wintertime, deciduous trees become a bit bare, and they allow the winter sun to pass through so your house can stay warm. They are one of the best trees to plant in your yard as they are beneficial during all seasons. Planting them will save your heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

  1. Building An Awning

If you want to reduce cooling costs during the summers, you can build an awning outside your house. You should make it specifically on the west side of your home. Doing so will provide shade, and it will filter some light through the structure.

You can also build a pergola if you want to stay cooler. They allow the cool breeze to pass through, and your home will stay cooler during the summer. A structure that provides shade is essential in homes that experience harsh summer months.

  1. Designing Concrete Surfaces

Designing a concrete or stone surface is essential around the house. It can be as small as a deck or as big as a patio. Creating this surface will allow the heat to be absorbed during the day, and it will be reflected during the night.

This landscaping tip is essential for homes that are in areas where winters are harsh. In the day, the concrete or stone will soak up the sun and ensure that it is reflecting it during the night so your home can stay warm.

  1. Place Trees Next To Windows

If you are tired of the summer sun coming through the windows and making your home unbearably hot, you can place trees outside those windows. These trees will block the sun during the summers so that your home can stay cooler.

The trees will even benefit you during winters as they will let enough sunlight through to keep your home warm during the cold months. So, never underestimate the power of using trees to become more energy-efficient.

Final Words

These are the top four landscaping tips you need to utilize to make your home more energy-efficient. However, you should hire a professional if you desire the best results. That is where Orange County Landscaping Pros come in. They will help you landscape efficiently so your energy costs can be reduced throughout the year.

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