Latest Makeover Trends for Home Décor – Part 1


Interiors Design Trends 2014 Ideas

The makeover is fun and exciting, whether it is for our look or home or wardrobe. Doing a makeover is so much fun and doesn’t have to be a significant overhaul. Just using up some of the hottest trends of the year and you can have a fantastic looking makeover.

Here Are Some Hottest Trends Which Are Latest Trends of This Year And Beyond.


Interior Design Trends For 2014

Choose from the hues of navy, azure, turquoise, the blue color, and its shades are everywhere. Blue has a calming effect and brings us closer to nature. Blue also reminds us of many favorite spots such a beach, mountain lake, an autumn day. Layer your room in light blue to add more airiness to space.

Organic Colors Are In:

Yellow Bright Interior Design for 2014 Trends

Likewise of blue other popular color trends are natural colors such as muted violets, golden yellow, mossy greens with pops of the color mix which gives an animate and refreshing feel.

Mix the colors with natural neutrals such as sandy beiges, soft browns, stone grey.

Subtle Touches Making Better Impact:

Traditional Living Room

Lighten your abode, and brighten it by ditching heavy drapes instead have window sheers; you can replace ceramic tiles backsplash with the glass, etc.

Metal Finishes are Back and Are Staying:

Antique Interiors Industrial Touch

These have been a trend from last year and are here to stay. Oil rubbed bronze is still a strong trend. And how to bring this trend to your home:

Get brushed or antiqued finished sleep lamps, and adorning mirrors.

Bronze Faucet

In the bathroom, you can add cold copper soap dispensers.

You can use them in home bar tools and place candlesticks.

Update your tired upholstered headboards and the chairs and apply antique nailhead trim.

Outdoor Get In:

Patio Furniture for Living Room

Decorate your indoor space with the patio furniture.

Nature knows no walls, put a bird on it through bringing in floral, natural threads, wood, stone, to adorn on countertops, coasters, and walls.

Outdoor Furniture


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