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On January 16, 2013 by Mamta

My Decorative presents the latest in field of Interior and Design. Know from us about the latest product launch in field of interior and décor.

The unique lock system by Godrej

The unique lock system by GodrejGodrej needs no introduction when it comes to providing security via their locks in our home. Godrej Locking Solution and Systems has recently introduced the Knock and Lock. Well this is indeed an innovative security lock system which has been patented already. This new lock system will have n keyhole and not even a card slot! Amazed? The locking system will be so that it will be invisible to naked eye and make it impossible to pick. Lock unit is based on the latest knock code technology which works on concealed locks without having any access point. There is a ‘Knockey’ which will be used to unlock door when you simply touch a key to door. This key is KnocKey which will transmit sequence of the mechanical pulses which will open lock. User needs to hold KnocKey against locking unit or adjacent to any hard surface which is hidden. It will enter code that will pass to lock through any solid surface such as metal, glass or wood.

For the kids bed room:

Kids bed roomJohnson Tiles now in association with the Disney Consumer Products is launching Disney Brand Ceramic tiles which will be branded as the Johnson Tiles Disney Collection. This unique range of tiles is for kid’s bedroom where on the wall tiles they can have their favorite Disney characters such as the Pooh, All Disney princess, Pixar cars, Mickey Mouse and friends. These tiles have used state of art in digital print technology and replicated Disney characters. The tiles will be accessorized with the borders and the floor tiles.

Leisure Weekends:

The HomeTown has introduced a new luxury in bedroom with Renoir TV Bed. This bed is about relaxation, style living, and has many multi function features.

TV Bed

The bed is richly upholstered with the faux leather of chocolate brown color. The surprising thing about this Bed is hidden 32 inch flat television, which could be mounted inside foot-board of bed. This hidden TV can be taken out and even put back with just press of button, with remote control. This feature enables to save space in room and provide the room with a neat and a compact look. The bed has further special niche that is underneath there is special storage for DVD player, Set up box and the remote controls.

Bed TV

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