Latest Trends for Girls’ Bedrooms: Stepping Away from the Pink Saturation Approach of Latter Years!

On March 30, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

Expecting a baby is a real blessing for everyone living in this world. Becoming parents transforms everyone of us and makes us think more about the things that really matter in life and make us happy. Even from pregnancy, future moms and dads start thinking about ways in which to create the perfect environment for their children.

When you expect or have already given birth to a little girl, you wish her bedroom to be picture perfect and offer her all the comfort she needs. Let’s step away from the pink saturation approach of the latest years and discover innovative ideas for interior design this spring.

A Girl’s Bedroom: Her Personal Sanctuary

A Girl Bedroom Her Personal Sanctuary
Whenever you start planning a new interior design project for your baby girl’s bedroom, you need to have in mind the fact that this space should represent her personal sanctuary from the outside world. It is there that she learns to do her first steps in life and everything should emphasizeenthusiasm, joyfulness and playfulness in such a room.

Anything at your disposal is allowed to be used as long as it is high-quality and follows the latest trends in an elegant manner. You can go for sets of bedding fits for princesses, attractive floral furnishings and the most sophisticated and elegant decorating themes to achieve your goal this year.

Create Her Own Indoor Heaven for Moments of Joy

Create Her Own Indoor Heaven for Moments of Joy
Decorating a girl’s bedroom to become her own heaven where she could live the happiest moments of her life is not as challenging as it may seem. There are endless ideas and tips you can consider to make your project successful. You should start by picking a base color or pattern for this space.

Then work backwards to select all the items you like and consider useful in her bedroom. A great plan could start by discovering a great color you like in a wallpaper or paint for the walls or just something you have seen in magazines in terms of bedding, furnishings and walls. Pink is no longer the only accepted color for girls so keep an open mind and re-create the bedroom of your childhood dreams.

Important Factors and Items to Consider

Important Factors and Items to Consider
Every girl’s bedroom needs a high-quality bed that will give her the opportunity to get proper rest during the day and at night. A nice bed could not look amazing without fine, elegant bedding items that can change the whole room atmosphere. The bed and the accessories you choose for it will make up the centerpiece of the bedroom so you need to make a wise choice in this case.

You can go for something that is specially shaped for girls or find inspiration in fairytales where everything surrounding the baby is magical and character-shaped. Make sure you make girly choices because the time will pass and your little girl will remember everything she has touched and used in her first living space.

Important Finishing Touches

Your goal during this project is that of creating a special bedroom for your little girl. Every detail counts so you should also pay attention to the accessories you choose to make the overall mood in the room unique. You can go for vintage mirrors to add some mystery to the room. It will also become her favorite playing ground while trying out clothes in front of the mirror, just like her mother does. Moreover, you can also go for a cute bespoke headboard that will become the perfect match of the shape of her bed.

Choose high pillows with varied shapes and bright shades to liven up the whole space. Also, make sure you define every single space in the room properly. This will help you decide what and where to use. You will also need to add a dressing table for your girl. One that has built-in drawers is a great option to consider. Do not forget about the kids mattresses and their importance as well as the value of pretty curtains that will add up to the overall elegance and sophistication of the room. These will also ensure the necessary privacy.

Finally, have fun decorating your girl’s bedroom. This project will remind you of your lovely memories from childhood!

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