Latest Trends to Bring the Metallic Luster and Influences to Interiors Part 1


Metallic Interior Design Trends

Metallic luster and influences is trend which will never go out of fashion though currently in this season it has been seen that metals are the hot trend. You will come across metallic inspiration throughout interiors from warm gold, copper accents, cool chrome, brass, stainless steel applications, and nickel. And metals are here to stay. Here are some ideas which you can incorporate in your interiors to have colorful metallic influence in your home.

Warming Interiors with Rich Coppery Shades:

Golden Hue in Kitchen

Autumn season is perfect time to bring golden hue in kitchen. You can have hammered copper countertops to custom kitchen backsplash tiles. Copper is aesthetically beautiful. Mixture of copper and the mosaic tiles are awesome for kitchen and bathroom.

Copper in living room will compliment fireplace. Bring copper to fireplace area which will be better alternate brick or natural rock tiles.

Use reclaimed copper sheets, seek artisan and kitchen range hood welder who has specialization in the copper trim application for your interiors.

Go Gold:

Golden Metallic Wallpaper

Gold was once a big trend and then it fade away but now it has returned with subtle ways through the wallpaper, furniture and usage of gold in ornamental cabinetry pulls. Same can be said about the brass.

In bedroom you can add golden metallic wallpaper which has slight sheen behind bed which can be eye catching accent wall.

The Gold tone furniture and even in lighting are now finding new place in the modern home interiors.

The gold leafed painted décor adds creative accents to decorative accent pieces.

The lighting fixtures like chandeliers, pendant light, and the wall sconces which show off the golden hues along with the darker hues add dramatic flair to the interiors. This adds royal touch to the home.

Green Living With the Corrugated Metal:

Green Living With the Corrugated Metal

If the interiors and décor are themed towards the rustic or natural approach then add metallic finishes of corrugated metal. Corrugated metal is being used by the famous interior designers in the décor of walls, sides of the cabinetry, creative wall accents, ceilings, and even adorning in the masculine bathroom.

Corrugated metals go great with the love of recycle and repurpose materials.

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