Latest Window & Door Designs In India For Contemporary Homeowners In 2021


Window & Door Designs

Regardless of how tiny or spacious your home may be, you require perfectly engineered doors to complement your home and safeguard it from intruders and harsh weather conditions. Similarly, you need windows for ventilation and sunlight. Fortunately, there are multiple window and door designs that are worthy of exploration in the housing market – all as spectacular as the other.

By manufacturing highly unique and magnificent door and window designs, TOSTEM INDIA makes impeccable design options available to the modern homeowner. In this blog, we will explore five of the latest door and window designs that are available in India in 2021, all thanks to TOSTEM INDIA.

List Of Latest Window Designs In India

Here are some of the latest window designs in India that you can explore:

  1. Aluminum Tilt & Turn Window

Drawing inspiration from European styles, aluminum tilt & turn windows can swing sideways like a door and tilt from the top using the same handle. Ideal for draft-free ventilation and protection from the rain, these are the latest and most unique window designs available in India. Many of the penthouses made by housing contractors like Jaypee Greens also feature these remarkable window designs.

  1. Aluminium Awning Window

Another remarkable window design that is the latest in the housing industry is the aluminum awning windows. These window designs come hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom, making them ideal for impeccable ventilation and protection from rain. While largely unknown, awning windows have quickly distinguished themselves as one of the most promising and latest window designs.

  1. Aluminium Fixed Window

Also known as a picture window, a fixed window is a window design that comes permanently attached to the wall. Such windows cannot be opened and are ideal for sunlight penetration and aesthetic allure. Due to the aesthetic appeal they bring, fixed aluminum windows have become a leading choice for the modern homeowner and is seen as an ideal window solution for bedrooms and living spaces.

  1. Aluminum Sliding Window 

An Aluminium Sliding Window is a window design that is supported by two operable sashes. The mechanism of these windows supports the horizontal movement of the window from one side to another. These windows are in operation in many contemporary households today and are seen as a choice of the window by many homeowners who have an eye for design.

  1. Vertical Sliding Window 

Vertical Sliding Windows are possibly one of the most save-spacing windows you will find. Both operable sashes of such windows roll up and window to provide an excellent view of the outside world. These window designs are ideal for use in all types of homes and are available for sale with TOSTEM INDIA: a leading aluminum door and window manufacturer in India.

List Of Latest Door Designs In India 

Here are some of the latest door designs in India that you can explore:

  1. Aluminium Casement Door

While casement doors are not new in the housing industry, these doors are now available in many versatile designs. Take TOSTEM INDIA’s aluminum casement doors, for example. These are made of aluminum sashes and large glass panels, thereby giving new meaning and a touch of modernity and contemporary aesthetics to the age-old casement door designs. 

  1. Aluminum Ventilation Door

One of the most unique and latest door designs you will find in India is the aluminum ventilation door. These doors are made of aluminum and come with an attached window within the door. Such promising designs are brought to you by TOSTEM INDIA: a leading door & window manufacturer in India. These doors combine the best of exquisite aesthetics and design practicality, making these doors an ideal housing companion for congested spaces within homes that don’t enjoy healthy ventilation.

  1. Aluminium Corner Openable Door

Etched to a corner and perfected with glass panels, an aluminum corner openable door is one of the most exquisite and aesthetically pleasing door designs in the housing market today. Perfect for large houses with attached balconies or gardens, these doors do a remarkable job at connecting the inside living spaces of your home with outdoor spaces, thereby bringing you closer to nature.

  1. Aluminum Folding & Bi-Fold Door

Of the many latest door designs in India, the aluminum folding & bi-fold doors enjoy an undisputed presence in the homes of many uncountable contemporary homeowners who ravish in the beauty of these doors. The USP of these doors lies in their space-saving potential and their ability to make your homes look larger and more spacious than they really are. If you’re looking for the ideal door to place in your patios, consider an aluminum folding and bi-fold door today.

  1. Aluminum Lift and Slide Door

Not many homeowners have experienced the allure of aluminum lift & slide doors. Engineered with utmost sophistication by TOSTEM INDIA, these doors are a one-of-a-kind invention and one of the most spectacular aluminum door designs you will find. Such doors can lift and slide from left to right with perfect grace and elegance that you should introduce these in your homes.


In this blog, we have covered the three latest door and window designs you can purchase in 2021. TOSTEM INDIA sells all these window & door designs at remarkably affordable prices. They follow competitive JIS (Japanese industrial standards) to make their products ideal for homeowners looking for competitive, durable, and performance-tested doors and windows for their homes.

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