Laughing Buddha as Lucky Mascot at Home

On September 26, 2013 by Himanshu Shah

Laughing Rainbow BuddhaThe laughing Buddha is indeed a lucky charm and is very popular around the world. But there is confusion surrounding the name.

A Chinese folklore deity he is which is called as Budai and he is a jolly and happy countenance. He is seen as cheerful monk who is wandering, carrying sackcloth and is with protruding stomach. Laughing Budai is shown wearing robe and sometimes shown as seated on cart and drawn by boys. Also you can get small miniature size laughing Budai is holding an oogi which is a wish giving fan.

In Japan refer to him as Hotei and he is one of the seven lucky Gods. He is known to be patron of poor children.

Buddhist traditions believe that he is Maitreya that is future Buddha.

But whatever you call this idol is attributed to be the messenger of peace, wisdom, kindness and generosity.

As per legends if a person rubs the great protruding belly of the Laughing Buddha it brings good luck, prosperity and wealth.

Modern Living Room with Laughing Buddha

You will often see Laughing Buddha in restaurants and especially in Japan because Hotei is considered to be the patron saint of the restaurateurs and is patron saint of fortunetellers.

Laughing Buddha Brown

Laughing Buddha OrangeLaughing Buddha is popular house warming gift.

It is best if this idol is gifted than being bought.

Laughing Buddha must be kept on elevated surface and never on floor.

Its placement must be facing towards the main door.

Never keep laughing Buddha in dining room and in bedroom.

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