Lawn Mowing Hacks To Make Your Life Easy


A green and clean lawn is every gardener’s dream, but the amount of time it takes for the preservation of the same is mind-boggling. Mowing your lawn, however necessary for an elegant and healthy landscape, is one of those maintenance procedures which every gardener dreads because of the time and effort it requires. That is why we are here to help you with some tips, so your mowing time gets shorter. Hence gardening becomes much more enjoyable for you.

Tips For Easy Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing Hacks To Make Your Life Easy

The first rule of making your life easier is to plan and have a well-organized execution of the plan. Lawn mowing is no different. Follow our hacks to have a beautiful, neat lawn using very little time and effort.

  1. Start With Obstacles

Take Out Unnecessary Obstacles

  • Take Out Unnecessary Obstacles: Obstacles like rocks, weed, sticks, hoses, toys, etc. are useless in your lawn. They make it dirty, plus they obstruct your mowing. So take these out before you start with your work.
  • Start Mowing Around The Obstructions In Your Garden: Flowerbeds, trees, statues, walkways, etc. also create blockage when you mow your lawn; however, you cannot just uproot them. So it is best to mow around these first, and then start with your usual mowing.
  1. Invest In Taking Good Care Of Your Mower

Take Out Unnecessary Obstacles

  • Buy The Right Mower: To save time mowing as well as money in frequent repairs, invest in a right mower that is wide, reliable, and high-quality. A wide mower will cover more ground at a time, reducing your work. However, wide mower might be heavy as well, which will make it difficult to take turns. So study both while buying and pick the one you feel most comfortable working with.
  • Keep Your Mower Blades Sharp: If your mower’s blades are dull, you will have to go over the same patch of grass more than once to trim it. Keeping your mower blades sharp also keeps it healthy, limiting your trips to the service center.
  • Get Your Mower Ready For The Next Time As Soon As You Are Done With Mowing Once: This saves you a lot of time along the way as every time you will get a guaranteed clean and crisp trim. Always wash the mower blades and the discharge chute after one use to avoid cleaning crusty grass accumulations, which are difficult to remove.
  • Keep The Grass Clumps Away From Your Mower Blades Using The Cooking Spray: Save time cleaning your mower by using cooking spray on the blades right before using it. In case your mower is the one where you have to turn it over to deal with the blades, remember to empty the gas tank prior to it, if you have one, to prevent gas spills.
  • Prevent Clogging Your Discharge Chute: Keep your discharge chute facing towards the strip you just mowed to prevent clogging. Moreover, the grass clumps discharged in your lawn act as a great fertilizer, so this procedure is beneficial for your garden anyway.
  1. Know Your Grass And Save Extra Effort

Mow A Dry Lawn

  • Mow A Dry Lawn: If you mow your lawn when it is still wet, the task will not be finished effectively, and also the grass will obtain an uneven cut. So let your lawn dry before you do your grass trimming to save you additional effort.
  • Change Your Mowing Pattern Every Time: If you mow in the same direction every time, the grass learns the trick and grows leaning in that direction. So vary your mowing pattern every time to reduce the extra work of fixing this.
  1. Organize Your Mowing: Mow In Patterns

Mowing In Patterns

Mowing in patterns sure saves you a lot of time; however, the most efficient pattern varies based on the type of lawn. You may need to try out various patterns to find the one most suitable for you.

  • Row Pattern: This is the mowing pattern used most often. If your lawn has more length than width, you start mowing lengthwise, and if the width is more, you mow widthwise. This way, the number of turns you have to take gets cut down significantly, saving you time.
  • Circular Pattern: This is very effective as if you mow in concentric circles, you take turns in the same direction every time, which makes mowing much more comfortable. This also helps you in case you forgot to go around obstacles in your garden in the beginning.
  • Double Spiral Pattern: Circular pattern works best if you can start at the center of your lawn and work outwards. Otherwise, you will end your mowing in the center of your garden, and so when you take it out, it will ruin the pattern you just made and may destroy vegetation on the way.

In those cases, you can mow in a double-spiral pattern. Here you start on the outside, work in circles, leaving one unmowed patch each time. Once you reach the center, you take a turn in an S-pattern and mow in the direction you came from, getting the patches you spared the last time. You get out of your lawn along with your mower, vegetation, and pattern intact.


The above tips will certainly help you save a lot of time mowing your lawn the next time. In case you do not have time to spend mowing your lawn, you can always call in the experts, who will save all this time for you with their professional equipment, saving you money on the purchase as well.

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