Leaky Pipes: What Kinds Of Household Pests Are Attracted To Them?


Leaky Plumbing Pipes

There are various ways that households may attract common pests, but most commonly, leaky plumbing pipes are the cause. Any leaky water source in your home becomes the ideal playground for rodents and insects as it offers the perfect place to build their nests. This is still the case even if you make it a point to remove all standing water sources in your household, such as emptying the sink of water after use!

Rodents and certain types of insects are wired to find the different sources of water in your home. Usually, this entails looking at different aspects of your plumbing, such as your sewer lines, garden hose, or even sink faucets.

Do Plumbing Issues Normally Attract Pests?

Most homeowners aren’t aware that their homes have suffered a plumbing leak or problem until the pests are present to make themselves known. But, unfortunately, certain plumbing leaks enable pests to invade a home and breed in virtually no time at all!

What Are The Types Of Common Household Leaks?

Though leaks can affect any number of locations within your plumbing systems, the most common places are those easily seen by the untrained eye. Therefore, make it a point to routinely check your household for plumbing leaks as it will help eliminate a rodent or insect infestation. Of course, seeing a lone insect enjoying the remains of your standing bathwater isn’t necessarily a sign that you have an infestation on your hands. However, if you discover that insects are regularly back to the same spot, it could signal trouble. Of course, the most accessible leaks to identify are the ones you can see, but never discount the possibility of an unseen leak occurring.

3 Common Pests That Love Leaky Plumbing

According to a top pest solution services, the following three are notoriously attracted to leaky plumbing:

  1. Ants

Ants are the most common pests homeowners can find that will signal a leaky plumbing issue, especially during the summer months. As the hotter months of the year approaches, ants require hydration to prolong their lives, searching for a water source.

  1. Cockroaches

Many Iowa residents experience difficulty dealing with cockroaches. Believe it or not, as hardy as these pests are, they still require a water source to thrive! Couple the source of water with a dark hiding space, and you have the ideal location where cockroaches can set up camp.

  1. Termites

The presence of termites not only symbolizes a serious issue with wood rot but also provides proof of existing plumbing problems. If you see any source of water in your home presenting itself, make sure to keep a lookout for termite activity, as they can readily damage a home’s very foundation!

Symptoms Of An Ongoing Infestation

Now that you understand the kinds of pests that enjoy leaky water sources, you may also wonder whether you already have an infestation on your hands! The common signs that you have an ongoing infestation can include the following:

Pests such as rodents and cockroaches prefer existing in the dark, but you may still catch glimpses of their activity during daylight hours. If you do discover the remnants of their activities, it could signal that you have a serious existing infestation.

Rodents require shredded materials and organic matter remnants in order to build nests. If you discover pieces of torn textiles or remains of paper waste behind cupboards or underneath sinks, it could symbolize a serious problem with mice or rats presenting themselves.

Damage to your furniture is not an uncommon way to find out that you have rodents in your home. As their teeth are constantly growing, they need to gnaw and chew their way through common surfaces to keep their teeth in check. Whether heavy-duty sheetrock or metal wiring, rodents can chew through virtually anything in the home! Moreso to the point, discovering chew marks on your furnishings could point to having a rodent problem. Make it a point to check baseboards, flooring, and furniture corners for signs of rodent damage.

Damaged textiles are yet another issue if you have carpet beetles or moths present in your home. This long lasting moth spray will surely help you get it of them. Rugs, curtains, and even heavy upholstery fabrics made from natural fibers are fair game for these pests! Woolen textiles are perhaps the most attractive to these pests, and even if you regularly dry clean these textiles, you may still find damage in due time. The way to identify these holes is by looking for irregular patterns that resemble chew marks carried out by caterpillars.

Bite marks and even bored holes found in your walls or on your flooring can also signify a much larger or more extensive problem on your hands. In fact, lawn burrows or misplaced outdoor garbage are real issues when rodents live on your property!

The best way to handle a pest problem is to call in professional reinforcements. The moment you find the presence of rodents or insects in your home, it’s crucial to act quickly and get a handle on the situation before it worsens. Failing to nip the problem in the bud will mean incurring severe costs at a later time and having to deal with extensive repairs and damage caused by the pest infestation. In short, calling professional exterminators or a pest control service will help you save money!

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