Learn How To Maintain Your Fountain Pond


How To Maintain Your Fountain Pond

A fountain is a great accessory in a garden pond. The fountain enhances aesthetic appeal while the sights and sound of falling water, which is very soothing to the mind. However, the water in the pond requires appropriate maintenance to prevent it from becoming dirty. It will encourage a healthy eco-system to ensure that your pond doesn’t get bad smells. Proper maintenance eliminates algae and another buildup in the lake. Read on to learn how to take care of your fountain pond.

Choose A Reputable Fountain Manufacturer

The first thing to ensuring that the fountain stays in good condition longer is to opt for a reputable brand. It will ensure that you end up with a quality fountain that will last for long. It saves you from a fountain that will begin leaking after a few months or one less prone to damage. Investing in a reputable brand like Kasco will give you excellent value for money. Such a product will come with a warranty covering every aspect of the product, including wear and tear.

Keep Your Fish And Plants Healthy

It is essential to keep the fish and plants in your pond healthy. When fish and plants die, they are likely to end up getting caught in the water filter or ending up below the lake. It will lead to the emergence of bad smells from the pond. Keeping pond plants healthy and well maintained also eliminates the build-up of dead leaves on the pond floor. The continued buildup is likely to clog other water features with a risk of compromising the efficiency of the pond.

Select The Right Pump Size

After investing in the best fountain for the pond, the next thing to do is to invest in a pump with the right size. It requires that the proper water flows through the pump. Regular water flow keeps the pond well aerated and prevents mosquito infestation. It also prevents algae, dust, and dirt buildup. The right pump ensures that the fountain runs smoothly throughout the day. You need the right pump size or to upgrade the pump for more pressure to prevent water from splashing in the basin to limit damaging the pond flooring.

Test Pond Water Regularly

Do you have koi fish in your pond? Having fish and plants in your pond enhances its aesthetic appeal. However, the water in the pond should have the right chemical composition for the various organisms to thrive. It is a suggestion to test the pond water regularly to ensure that it meets the proper chemical composition for aquatic life to thrive.

Periodic Replacement Of Water

Another handy tip to keep your pond fountain in good working condition is by replacing the water periodically. It might require removing and replacing a percentage of the water to keep it fresh clean. Introducing fresh water into the pond will keep the plants and animals in good condition. Additionally, fresh water will promote the thriving of healthy bacteria on your pond. The best thing about replacing the water in your pond also eliminates filth and bad odors from your pond.

Regular Maintenance

Finally, this sums up all the above tips highlighted above. Proper maintenance of a garden pond is essential to ensure that it offers the same appeal throughout the year. The good idea is to schedule professional maintenance. It might require pressure cleaning to eliminate algae, dirt, moss, and another buildup from the pond. Additionally, scrubbing might also be applied to clean the hard to reach gaps on the pond and other small features.

Why Maintain Your Pond Fountain?

A fountain enhances the beauty of a garden pond. Watching water from the fountain spraying up and falling adds character to the flat water surface. The beauty of a fountain with lights comes out at night, especially if the lights have multiple colors illuminating the water surface. It will add more excitement to all special occasions, including outdoor events like weddings, romantic dinner, or corporate event.

Final Thought

Fountains add invaluable benefits to a home landscape design. Making the most of a fountain pond requires regular maintenance to eliminate the buildup of materials and bad odors. The essential aspect of pond maintenance is to opt for quality equipment and periodic professional cleaning. It will ensure that your fountain pond works efficiently for years.

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