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From the title of the post, you must be thinking that my home must be a bastion of cleanliness and orderliness. But honestly, I was constantly at war against all chaos. This is because it was more of war with my own mind as I read books and tried all various plans for cleanliness. I study my organized friends’ relatives, neighbors, and family and think incessantly. But none of those ideas helped me much because what is needed is conviction in my head to throw half of my not useful stuff and establish cleanliness routines and set up some system at home.

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Now that I mentioned it that it is war with your mind over so many ideas, and yet still you have the problem of keeping your home clean; after reading the last line, many of you thought, “Yeah, this is what I need too” and some must be thinking “what kind of help is she offering?”. I say hang in there…

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First and foremost, people who believe I can help are people who don’t need help or any kind of tricks and tips. Because if you believe the suggestion I gave, it means you are already a person who is doing all possible things in their hand to keep your home neat, tidy, clean, and organized manner. Maybe it is not you, but you are living with some person or people who don’t seem to understand cleanliness and an organized home. You must be a person who must be picking up pillows thrown on the floor, straightening out your rug, picking up the glass of water before it spills and spoils, etc.

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In that case, it’s time either you use some help or be stern and ask people to pick up their own litter and keep the place clean and tidy.

In any home, there are people who are naturally organized and some who are not naturally organized. For people who are not naturally organized, it is the mindset of doing things “later” which affects the organized home. This means you are struggling to keep your home organized. The pervasive thought of “later” must be avoided. That is why I said it is a battle of mind and for which there are no tips or tricks.

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Persistence is the answer to the problem of later. Be persistent. In case you are not able to manage things now, then do it at the next possible time and be persistent in doing it.

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And people who like to keep clean and organized all time. Then you must back your desire with the will of “how about now.” The mess and frustration will, like magic, disappear, and you will have a clean and organized home.

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