Living Room Ideas With Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring


Living Room Ideas With Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a classic choice for living rooms and bedrooms, but it can be too pricey for many homeowners. But as with any industry, technology pulled through to make a more affordable alternative called vinyl tile flooring.

Vinyl can realistically mimic real wood or ceramic tiles. Hence, homeowners can decorate their homes with the aesthetics of natural materials affordably.

There are several benefits to using vinyl flooring that makes it such an excellent choice for living rooms and bedrooms. Unlike hardwood and tile floors, it’s softer and more comfortable underfoot. Because of the additional wear layer on top, vinyl is resistant to stains and scratches, making it easy to maintain.

And there is so much more to say about vinyl flooring, its benefits, and how to know if it’s good for your living room.

Is Luxury Vinyl Tile Suitable For Your Living Room?

Vinyl tiles come in a range of wood designs that attempt to recreate the look and feel of real wood. With a high-definition decorative layer and plus effect technology, vinyl tiles look modern and stylish. At the same time, they add a warm touch to your living room.

The luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is also resistant to moisture, scratches, and scuffs. This makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, like living rooms. It’s wear-proof, stain-proof, and weather-proof material which means it’s not limited to your living room only.

If you plan to install LVT flooring for your bedroom, you can incorporate sound block technology to absorb sound. Coupled with cool color tones and soft lighting, it becomes a sanctuary for your personal space.

What Are The Benefits Of Using LVT Flooring?

LVT Flooring

LVT flooring is gaining popularity due to the many benefits it gives to the homeowner. We mentioned a few of them in the previous paragraphs, but here, we’ll discuss each in more detail.

  1. It Gives A Warm And Soft Feel

Nothing feels better than coming home to a cozy and homey space. Luxury vinyl tiles give you a warm and soft feeling. It elevates your home’s comfort and makes coming home something worth looking forward to.

  1. It’S Great For Underfloor Heating

Vinyl is a material that conducts heat which makes it perfect to combine with underfloor heating. Imagine coming home after a snowy or cold rainy day, and the underfloor heating takes all the discomfort away.

Because the heating system is combined with the vinyl planks, you can also enjoy more space in your living room.

  1. Furniture Impressions Don’t Last

Whether it’s moving furniture for special occasions or rearranging your living room, VLT flooring is an excellent choice. Vinyl luxury tiles have a memory effect, so furniture legs and heels will have no lasting impression.

  1. It’s Easy To Maintain And Clean

Vinyl flooring boasts of its superior resistance to scratches, stains, and scuffs. Needless to say, VLT is a very durable and easily maintained material. You only need to sweep daily and deep clean twice a month.

When deep cleaning LVT, the chemicals you’ll need depend on the quality of your tiles and the severity of the stain. But overall, it’s like cleaning any regular floor tiles with the possibility of reducing most of the hassle.

  1. You Can Show Off Your Personality

Vinyl tiles come in several designs so if you want to get creative, take your pick! You can find luxury vinyl planks and tiles in different sizes and patterns. Some shops offer striking color combinations that will leave your visitors with an impression.

What’s The Best Flooring For Your Living Room?

Best Flooring For Living Room

Your living room’s flooring sets the stage for your room’s overall design. It can be a cozy cottage setting or a clean and polished look. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity, even in designing your own home.

However, while LVT satisfies the homeowner’s aesthetics, they also need to consider its functionality. How often do they invite guests? Do the homeowners have children or pets? They need to think about their living room’s overall function and how much traffic happens there.

As such, let’s discuss the best kind of flooring for your living room based on your circumstances.

  1. Type Of Flooring When You Have Kids

Children are generally clumsy and would spill things on the floor. Maybe the toy car might damage your flooring. If they’re having a fun time, they might forget to take off their shoes and get your floor all muddy.

Luxury vinyl or sheet vinyl flooring will aesthetically please you and are durable enough to stand daily messes. In other words, you won’t have to compromise between style and functionality. They’re also very easy to install.

  1. Type of Flooring When You Have Pets

Pet owners know how important it is to have durable flooring for messy, furry family members. Be it energetic dogs or jumpy cats, they love to run around and their nails would scratch the floor. This crosses soft hardwood flooring off the list because it will show the scratches and dents.

Luxury vinyl flooring and vinyl sheet flooring are all great options because they’re scratch-resistant. They can also reduce the pet dander on the floor. You can choose a design that looks naturally distressed to disguise minor scratches and scuffs as well.


Luxury vinyl plank flooring comes in unique designs and several sizes. They’re bound to express your creativity and personality without foregoing functionality. LVT is resistant to scratches, stains, and scuffs, making it excellent for high-traffic rooms, like living rooms.

LVT flooring is also easy to clean, so even if you have children or pets, it won’t be a headache to maintain. You can even request to have underfloor heating installed to keep your home cozy and toasty. You’ll look forward to coming home from a snowy or rainy day outside.

Speaking of incorporations, you can also incorporate sound block technology into your LVT. It will make not only your living room but any room more relaxing. Luxury vinyl is great all-around flooring not limited to your living room. Go ahead and explore your creativity without worrying about functionality!

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