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Living Room Wall Decor

The living room is an essential part of living space in anyone’s life. You spend a lot of time here by yourself, with family, watching TV, eating, and even working. Indeed, the list goes endless. Overall, this is an area of your house where you can unwind and make great memories with your friends and family. Whatever is the purpose of your living room or its size, you should give this space a comfortable, beautiful, and functional look.

It depends on you as to how well you design your living room as the main design decision would last with you. So, you have to carefully plan your small living room ideas to decorate your interior walls and floor decor that cohesively appear attractive and inviting.

For the best results, you can customize your living room floor with different types of carpets. Again, as far as walls are concerned, there are a variety of options, too. Therefore, in this article, we will look for decoration ideas. Plus, some of these ideas are infused with Vaastu-related pointers.

  1. Hang Mirrors On The Wall

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors are a piece of interest in home decor for ages. Not only can you check your appearance in it, but it also makes small spaces look bigger. Plus, they reflect light, which would brighten up this space. Therefore, you can hang a bigger mirror or many small mirrors on the living room wall. Additionally, a carpet underlay can be set on the floor to complete the entire design.

Vaastu tip: Hang the mirror on the north or east wall to reflect the south or the west.

  1. Put Shelves

Book Shelf

Although there is no necessity to keep many things in the living room, you can still install antique shelves, hanging shelves, and comparison shelves. Here, you can place books, souvenirs, e-photo albums, antique bottles, and showpieces for a lived-in feel to the room.

Keep in mind if there is a bathroom attached to the living room, complement it with wood flooring for the bathroom.

Vastu tip: Surely keep the shelves and other heavy and heightened objects at the southwest corner of the room.

  1. Greenery All The Way


Plants and trees bring freshness to the environment. So, keep small plants along the sides of the living room wall that opens towards the balcony. Alternatively, you can use plant hangers.

Beneath these hanging plants, you can keep an affordable garage carpet so that the water dripping from plants collects on it instead of your floor. Thus, keep that part of the living room for plants only. If you are not good at watering, use faux plants.

Vaastu tip: According to Vaastu, keep a money plant in the southeast corner of the front room.

  1. Hang Plates Or Show Off Crockery

Why hide your fine bone china tea set or dining set from Paris? In other words, hang some plates of different sizes, colors, or designs on the wall. Alternatively, you can use one wall to rest a crockery table against it. Here, the glass door cabinets would show off your collection and consequently work as a decorative item.

  1. Use Upholstery On The Wall

We decide the color and material of sofa covers, table cloths, carpets, etc. Furthermore, go with upholstering the wall with cloth, the leather of different colors, and textures. Additionally, you can keep it in contrast with your sofas and carpet.

You should keep track of stains on sofas, carpets, and upholstery on the wall too. You can find tips on removing stains from carpet, sofas, and table cloth online or by other experts for maintenance.

  1. Ascending Wall Painting

Wall Painting

Paint one of the walls with bright and bold colors to give an ascending look to the wall. In addition to using paints, you can use wallpapers, stencil arts, or any other style to provide the said look. These accent looks give a bigger enhanced look to your small space.

With walls comes the ceiling and the floor. Don’t forget to use a contrasting wall-to-wall carpet with this look of the wall. But then the only thing you need to learn is how to keep the carpet clean.

  1. Convert A Wall Into A Frame Gallery

No space looks better than a wall with photographs, paintings, antique frames of different colors and sizes. Display the collection by keeping the wall white or in some neutral shade. Go for antique frames and modern styles. Again, you can extend the frames to the ceiling to give an idea of a bigger space.

  1. Use Wall Quotes

Decorate the wall while inspiring people around you by using wall quotes. So, the quotes can be pasted as a sticker or painted as a mural. Additionally, it can be in black or can be colorful. There can be quotes in the form of wall hangings too. Besides, you can use personalized quotes or use famous lines from any big personality. These quotes can fill in the corner of the room or cover a whole wall.

The list goes endless when it comes to decoration ideas. Just keep the decoration near to your heart. Here, focus on keeping it real.

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