Lock and Loaded: Securing Your House When On Vacation


Most people enjoy going out on vacation. Some go to faraway places that can make them feel relaxed. People want to go away and be free of the stress that they experience daily from their work. As grand as it may be, the sad reality is that a lot of people don’t go away on that well-deserved vacation because no one will be left behind to watch over their house.

The threat of a robbery or a break into your homes is a real threat. Most bandits have a lot of sophisticated tools that can easily break into a house. When the break-in, you can be sure that a lot of your personal belongings, valuables, and other items will all be gone. Some robbers even open fridges and eat all your food while robbing you blind!

Most of us want to feel better when we go out on vacation. However, the threats of breaking in are what most of us fear when we go out. To alleviate that ill-feeling, here are some things that you can do to secure your home while you’re out on that well-deserved vacation.

Stop The Mail

Stop The Mail

When you’re out for a week or two, it’s a good idea that you stop the mail from coming in that period. A tell-tale sign for experienced robbers is a full mailbox. It’s an invitation saying, “Come on in, the owner is out on vacation.”

If you prefer to have an emphasis on privacy, you can stop the mail and ask for it to on a later date. Or if you don’t mind the neighbors seeing your letter, you can politely ask them to get your mail for you. Remember, don’t make your home stand out for others to see.

Trash Is Treasure

Trash Can

Not only does a week-old trash bin stink up your place, but it also attracts robbers. Have someone take out your trash, and you can avoid standing out from the rest of the houses in your neighbor. When you’re out on trash day, you can still ask your neighbor to pull out the cans from your garage or your curb.

Trust Your “Safe”


Some of us don’t lug around our valuables everywhere we go. Some put in banks, others in the comfort of their own home, in small but sturdy deposit boxes or safes. A safe is a secure container that can withstand a ton of punishment before giving up your valuables.

When bad luck hits you and bandits break in your home, don’t lose hope. Hide your safe inside your house in locations that only you should know. A safe is an insurance, so even if robbers do break in your home, they can’t take away your valuables. You’ll be wasting their time instead!

Locks And Deadbolts

Locks And Deadbolts

Make sure that you have secure locks and deadbolts inside your home. Attention is the most unwanted thing a burglar wants if he’s breaking in your home. A deadbolt or a sturdy lock isn’t foolproof, but at least you’re delaying a quick and quiet break-in.

A deadbolt makes it difficult and noisy for robbers to break in because it’s time-consuming and is very noisy if they use force.

Never Leave A Key Behind

Never Leave A Key Behind

An experienced burglar knows all too well that the possibility of a key under the welcome mat on the doorstep is high. A lot of people always make the mistake of leaving a key behind so they don’t have to rummage through their bag. When burglars get that key, then it’ll all be over your valuables.

If you’re worried about losing your keys, you can call reliable services like Locksmith Man so they can help you with your lock problems. Remember, you’re the only one who’s supposed to be entering and exiting your house.

Social Media Blunders

Social Media

Believe it or not, burglars know the power of social media. Suppose a harmless “john1990lphxcz” follows you on Instagram, you accept it because of the more followers, the better, right? It’s not wrong to assume that some of these people following you aren’t exactly good-spirited. “john1990lphxcz” might be a burglar who’s tech-savvy and cunning.

These people can be burglars and are just expecting that #vitaminsea post on your Instagram or Facebook. Once they get a whiff of that vacation selfie of yours, they’ll begin planning on how to break in your house to steal all your valuables. Be discreet about your vacation on social media, and don’t let everyone you think is safe. Follow you on these platforms.


Once a while, it’s good to be on vacation. However, most people don’t do it because they fear for the safety of their valuables. Don’t fret, go on take that well-deserved vacation granted you’re doing all of the things mentioned above.

When you’re away, your goal is to be discreet and make your house stand out less than the others around you. Once you’ve established that, go on ahead and enjoy the beach or that vacation you desperately need.

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