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When you purchase a vehicle from a dealership, you are more or less told that no one except the mechanics and technicians has the knowledge or experience to work on the specific vehicle you purchased. Well, that does sound logical; however, once you finish reading this article, you will know better.

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Let’s presume you are at your child’s ballgame. The game finishes at 9 pm, and you all get back in your van and try to start it up. The key breaks in the ignition, and you are now stranded. You try to call the dealership, but they are closed. Now, you must call a tow truck and wait until morning to call the dealership. First thing in the morning, you call the dealership, and they state they will send a tow truck and bring your van to the dealership so their mechanic can replace the ignition and provide you with new keys. When you ask how soon you will have your van back, they let you know they are backed up, and they will try to get your van within the next week. Okay, now you owe for towing the van twice, the high costs of replacing the ignition, and the very long wait.

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Now, let’s look at a better scenario. The same thing occurs, only this time, you call a locksmith. The locksmith comes to the ball field with all the necessary tools to replace the ignition or to remove the key and provide you with a replacement key on the spot. You are ready to go home and enjoy the rest of your evening.


Which of the above scenarios seems like the best option for you? Locksmiths are knowledgeable with all makes and models of vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, boats, and any other vehicle that uses keys. Not only do they have the knowledge to make new keys but also the knowledge and expertise to provide replacement keys and to change out locks, including ignition switches.

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Locksmiths do not work just from 9 to 5 Monday thru Friday, but often offer services 24 hours per day seven days per week in the case of an emergency. These guys understand what it is like to be locked out of your vehicle, have your keys stolen or lost, and need fast help. They make house calls, so you will never have to pay to have your vehicle towed to any location.

When it comes to locks and keys, locksmiths are truly the experts. So, why give extra money to the dealership when you can hire a locksmith that will come to your aid at any time? Visit serrurierservicemontreal.com to learn more about locksmith services.

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