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If you haven’t got a green thumb, you might find your landscape screaming at your neighbors and complaining of a boring and lifeless existence. Although it sounds rather simple and all those DIY shows make it look easy, keeping a well-colored and trimmed lawn isn’t for the faint at heart. In fact, there is quite a bit of know-how that goes into those lawns that continually remind you of the grass being greener on the other side. Don’t be discouraged. In fact, get excited because we have a list of tips that can help you create your own enviable landscape.

Rely On The Input Of Those That Are In The Know

Before you, research companies offering construction equipment in Nashville and start moving earth and digging holes, getting an opinion or quote can give you some pointers that set you on the right track. You won’t be able to understand about drainage needs, types of soil or field lines without checking with the experts. Many people attack the garden center at the local retailer with thoughts of color and budget, but this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you should be thinking about.

Check to see if a local nursery offers a consultation either in person or through a photo. More often than not, merely chatting them up while browsing potted plants can give you a wealth of information concerning the do’s and don’ts of landscaping. You don’t have to take their advice, but it’s worth having, and you can’t beat the price.

Work With The Local Environment

No matter how much you love the rugged look of a desert cactus or the lush green of the rainforest, chances are you won’t get that look to last when you live in East Tennessee. In fact, you probably won’t get that design at all. Your region will have plants and grasses that do best in the soil and temperature averages, giving you a lasting investment. Landscaping should look amazing beyond the new growth of spring. Summer heat doesn’t have to kill your look, and winter cold shouldn’t bury your vision.

By working with materials and products designed to accommodate your environmental conditions, you are making a decision that offers harmony between man and nature. The products and natural conditions will be complimentary, encouraging a lasting relationship and long-term beauty.

Invest In Your Landscape With Sweat Equity

As much as you would like to believe you can have a backyard makeover in a weekend, your DIY won’t last if that is all the time you give it. Taking care of your landscape is a year-long commitment. Many people don’t realize that it is still advisable to mow their lawn throughout the winter as weather and growth allow. Early tilling and fertilizing helps with spring growth, and sometimes the fall reveals deep discounts on gardening or maintenance products.

Sweat equity is the time and labor you invest in your landscape. You might remember that all good things are worth waiting for, but equally so, all good things are worth working for. If you pay attention to the end of season sales at many retailers, you can find great deals on tools or equipment to help you with your landscape. The right tools can make your job easier but have the mindset that it will take some work.

It’s Okay To Admit Defeat

If you have read this and still feel like your thumb isn’t green enough to make this happen, don’t panic. Find a local contractor or company who can help you create a masterpiece. They don’t have to do all the work, but they can kickstart your project and leave you with manageable pieces. Perhaps you can do the initial work but need help with monthly maintenance. Hire a landscaping company to help with mowing, weeding or trimming.

In short, tackling your yard with knowledge and reasonable old-fashioned effort is the best way to create a landscape that glows with color and creates jealousy all year long. It doesn’t have to be an expensive investment, but it should be well-planned and carefully executed. This is a sure way of sinking your money and time into a design that lasts all year and is sure to leave your neighbors gazing in admiration.

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