Looking For A Kitchen Sink? Here Are Some Tips To Follow


Every space in a home has its significance, and the kitchen is perhaps the heart and soul of it. It is where you cook for your family, friends, guests, and yourself. All the cooking and cleanup tasks occur here, making it the busiest place too. Any standard sink can continue to serve you for 15 years or so. And if you are doing up your kitchen, you must consider replacing your old sink and faucet.

Bringing a new 7 inch deep stainless steel sink will be a significant investment as its contribution to the environment’s overlook is unmatchable. Plus, if you admire anything for its performance, then again, it makes sense to devote some time from your busy schedule to this feature. Buying a sink means you have to know which material, size, configuration, installation process, and style can live up to the expectations of your lifestyle choices and habits. If you are not confident about the varieties, then let’s dissect each of the considerations first.

Size Of The Kitchen And Sink

The diverse choices in sink sizes and shapes can be overwhelming. To avoid confusion, you need to measure your kitchen area and your sink habits. These factors can help you zero down on the most suitable option. For instance, in a limited space, a large sink with double bowls can be inconvenient. As per some experts, homes with 150 sq. Ft kitchen area can opt for 22×24 inches single bowl system. However, the spacious kitchen rooms can afford to incorporate double or triple bowls in the layout for storage and cleaning purposes. In this context, it is essential to note that bowl depth can be another significant point to consider, as it can cost 5 to 10% extra but can ensure better handling of the utensils.

Mounting Options

Best Workstation Kitchen Sink

Plumbing might not be an issue when it comes to new installations. However, you would need to take a call about its location and installation process. Some of the well-known methods include – farmhouse, under-mount, and drop-in or top-mount.

  • Farmhouse: An apron front or farmhouse sink contains a deep bowl, which needs base cabinets to support its front section. In this type, you usually get a sink with a protruding front so that any water or foam spills don’t fall on the cabinet. It can be an exciting design for any modern as well as a traditional kitchen.
  • Undermount: In this process, you attach a sink from under the countertop. As a consequence, it does not have lips or flanges overlapping the counter. This characteristic can prove handy in the cleanup tasks because you can wipe the crumbs or liquid from the counter to the sink in one sweep. Countertops made with solid materials can be the right choice for this configuration style.
  • Drop-in/ top mount: As you can guess from the word, in this installation setup, the sink settles down in the countertop from the top and needs clips and screws for secure positioning. Its overlapping flanges help it to sit on the counter with ease.

In addition to farmhouse, drop-in, and under-mount sinks, you may also encounter choices in the bar sink. An entertainment sink, wet-bar sink, and prep sink are the different epithets for a small kitchen bar sink that can be 14 to 17 inches long with a bowl having 5 to 7 inches depth. You get them in rectangular or square shapes mostly. You can install it in a tiny kitchen, home bar, entertainment area, or secondary sink in a large kitchen.

Choices In Sink Materials

Apron Fireclay White Kitchen Sink

When you explore the range of Kraus kitchen sinks for sale, you will come across various surfaces that define each type of sink’s look and functionality. Which material you should choose depends on your kitchen habits a lot.  How comfortable are you with cleaning? Other factors, such as whether you are okay with paying particular attention to the material’s maintenance or not, can also play a huge role. Anyway, some of the basic options include stainless steel, granite, and fireclay.

Stainless Steel

If you are on a budget or desire a fancy look for an affordable price, you can trust a stainless-steel kitchen sink to match your demands. Even though being a popular choice, these sinks had lost their steam due to the lack of modern touch. But they bounced back to fame after getting stylish finishes that complement urban home décor with ease. These sinks tend to be lightweight, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. Some offer fantastic sound deadening solutions too. You can get this material in under-mount and drop-in mounting options.


A fusion of natural stone and acrylic resin creates granite composite or granite sinks that are particularly famous for their resistance to scratching, staining, and heat. Their non-porous surface makes them fight bacterial growth. You can choose an apron front, top mount, or under-mount granite sink. It can be a superior match for a traditional or trendy kitchen atmosphere.


A fireclay sink contains a mix of clay and glaze, heated in high temperatures. It can resist chipping and scratching. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about discoloration or color fading. Since the surface is nonporous, there is no or limited risk of bacterial buildup. You generally get this model in an apron front in white or off-white color. And, it features a single bowl configuration commonly.

As you can see, a kitchen sink can be a single item, but it involves so many decisions. And it is fair also to judge it from every angle because you spend a lot of time on the sink, whether it comes to preparing a meal, doing dishes, or something else. So, when you shop for it online, read all product details with complete attention. There can be excellent offers on affordable as well as expensive options. If you know what you want from this particular feature, it will be easier for you to take a call. Just remember one thing that a too deep bowl can be uncomfortable for your body. Usually, 8 to 10 inches depth makes an average choice today.

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