Lotus Temple Of Delhi


Lotus Temple Front View

The House of Worship of Bahai, most popular as the Lotus temple, is a magnificent structure located in New Delhi, the capital city of India. It is a notable place of reverence that reverberates the novelty, simplicity, and freshness of the Bahai faiths and beliefs while at the same time paying equal love and respect to all other religions. The magnificent structure is designed and built in a way that focuses on signaling all the divine forces of nature in a single aura that provides a calm and much-needed state of solitude to its millions of devotees.

Lotus Temple Interiors

Constructed in 1986 by architects, the entire edifice has imbibed in it the traditional form of architecture garnished with staggeringly beautiful imitation of a simple flower. Lotus holds immense importance in Indian culture and traditions. It is a wonder how brilliant minds of olden times decided to undertake a project so challenging. With a limited amount of resources and comparatively obsolete resources, what stands today is nothing but a commendable piece of art of wonderment.

Lotus Temple

Talking about its architecture, the lotus temple reaches a crescendo of 40 meters in height, comprising gigantic petals pooling in the center from 9 different pools, signifying the nine coalescing spiritual paths of the faith of Bahai. In the interiors, the temple comprises a main worship house, a few additional blocks, a reception, a library, restrooms, and an administrative building.

Lotus Temple Top Satelite View

Drilling a bit more inside how these different parts of the structure are built up, let’s begin with the dome’s posterior part, made up of 3 pairs of petals. These are the concave, thin concrete casing known as the “entrance leaves.” The nine petals merge at the top, though providing a legitimate gaping between, filling up with glass panels to provide natural light into the central hall beneath it. This particular feature accounts for both a reasonable use and the added “wow” factor of the building, flaunting the brilliant ideas of their makers. Along its side are a few zig-zag steel bars that give the upper structure enough strength to hold up.

Lotus Temple Photography

Second, comes the base of the leaves, which is supported over nine circular rings, heading up increasingly. Staircases arising from these arches lead one into the middle hall. Walking inside it, one would observe that the building pattern is such that each covering of the above shells disappears behind one another as one moves forward. Capable of accommodating 2500 people in a go, the lotus temple is a giant temple having enough room for everyone.

Lotus Temple Delhi

Built up with white marble, stainless steel, and glass panels, this is one of the best pieces of art of olden times that has stood the test of time till today. Totality in a working state, still going strong, the structure remains one of the major attractions of North India to this date. Many tourists visit it annually to witness its peculiarity.

Lotus Temple Night View

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