Louis Poulsen Lamps Are Quality Through And Through


When finding light sources in your home, many elements and demands come into play. The light source has to provide light, but what kind of light; sharp or mellow? What direction should the light go? How low should the lamp hang from the ceiling, is the spot right or left to the couch the best, and what color should it be?

Louis Poulsen Lamps

The complex decision is the same for every room, so finding the perfect life for your home and your life is not an easy task. There is one brand, though, where you almost can’t make a wrong decision.

The lamps from Louis Poulsen will glide into any room and be a breathtaking addition. Their timeless design with beautiful curves, soft colors, and aesthetic sense is best of all and can solve any lighting crisis you might have.

Louis Poulsen has many iconic lamps under their belt, with the lights designed by Poul Henningsen being some of the absolute prettiest. A relatively safe bet would be that you, at some point in your life, have come across the PH 5 in either a living room or maybe hanging from the ceiling over the kitchen table. At first glance, it could look like for different cereal bowls put together; three turned upside down and the last one placed on top of them. But when taking a closer look at the lamp, you can see how the different shapes complement each other in ways that look simple but, at the same time, are unique and captivating.

Louis Poulsen Ceiling Lamps

If the ceiling lighting isn’t the issue, and instead the office or a dark corner in the living room needs to see the light, Louis Poulsen and Poul Henningsen got you covered. The PH 2/1 is another masterpiece from PH’s hands. The table lamp is part of the so-called 3-shade family, which Poul Henningsen created in 1925-1926. The idea of the 3-shade system was to create a glare-free light that created soft shadows and could be directed at the specific places that needed lighting. It is hard to find any lamp out there that can outmatch one of the most significant pieces of work crafted from the hands of Poul Henningsen.

If you, for some reason, that is hard to think of shouldn’t be to the fancy of Poul Henningsen’s designs, Louis Poulsen has also worked together with other incredibly talented designers. One of them is Søren Ravn Christensen, who made the VL38 wall lamp in his VL38 collection. It comes in black and white and can cast an aesthetic glimpse over any wall. The simple design with only two colors and basic shapes works amazingly well and can go into almost any room in your home.

The lamps mentioned above are just three suggestions from a much longer catalog of new lights from Louis Poulsen. It should be impossible for you not to find something you like in it!

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