Love Indoor Potted Plants: Tips to Maintain Them


Indoor plants are beautiful. Greenery is very important. You must know how you can take care of indoor plants. The basic starts with knowing that for any plant to grow well will need proper watering as well as sunlight which is very important for the plant to thrive.

Indoor Plants

Today’s garden is like a luxury, but having wonderful indoor plants at home will add to the home décor. The green décor will add freshness to your home. Having indoor plants is aesthetically pleasing and provides fresh oxygen. This will help you get the air clean in our home. Indoor plants are considered to be stress busters. Tending to plants is also considered as a therapy. Research has shown that it kind of acts as therapy after a hard day of work when you tend to plants.

Unique Indoor Plants

The plants need sunlight, water, and even the right temperature and environment to thrive.

Interior Decorating with Indoor Plants

First, it is important to understand what plant it is as different plants have different needs for water and sunlight. This information you will be able to get on the internet if you know the plant’s name.

When you buy the plant from a nursery, you must know what special care is needed. This way, you will be able to learn your plants’ requirements and remember to act accordingly.

Now tips on how to take care of indoor potted plants:

One mistake which people make is overwater indoor plants. You must put water slowly. It is important to have an opening for excess water to drain out. Roots of plants will rot due to overwatering. Ensure that the water logging is not happening for long. The water can easily drain from the plant’s container. Water should stay collected at the plant’s roots. Waterlogging can cause small insects and mosquitoes, which can affect the health of people residing at home.

Indoor Plants on Wall

Sunlight is very important. But the mistake we people make is shifting the plant from the darker region to sunny lit areas in sudden change. You must allow plants to get adequate sunlight. Any sudden change, such as moving in direct or indirect sunlight and even change in temperature, suddenly has a negative impact on the plant’s growth. The plants are sensitive.

Music, too, can affect the growth of plants. Loud music tends to disrupt their growth, but soft music tends to boost the plant’s growth.

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