Luxurious Bed Linens – Are They A Wonderful Gift For A Wedding?


The wedding industry is booming. Brides to look perfect on their big day, and to make that happen, they would do anything. As an invitee, it’s only natural that you offer the happy couple a meaningful gift. Have you ever thought of switching that fancy set of glasses with luxurious bed linens?

Top Quality Cotton

Top Quality Cotton

The best type of cotton for bed linens is 100% Egyptian cotton. In the second place, we have Pima cotton (Supima); when shopping, pay close attention to the label. 100% cotton doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Egyptian. It can easily be American upland cotton. The variety is less expensive and rougher. The finest cotton uses long fibers to make the bed linens; Pima is also soft, and a set can be bought for $200 on average. But since you’re going to a wedding, you are advised to invest in the finest type, which costs about $500 a bed set.

Percale and sateen are the two main categories of high-quality cotton. Both types are equally qualitative. Percale is simpler, and it features a matte weave; this way renders a cool, crisp feel, and it is perfect for the summer season. Sateen, on the other hand, is heavier to the touch but equally soft. It has a smooth, lustrous finish.

Thread Count And Weave

Thread Count And Weave

There’s a lot of buzz concerning thread count. In general, the number of threads is 1 inch of material per square. Even though it’s common to think that high means soft, that’s not a rule. Sheets manufactured from lower thread count with softer fabrics (Egyptian cotton) will be a lot silkier to the touch than sheets made of a low-quality cotton blend with higher thread count.

When hunting for the perfect wedding gift, you should avoid bed linens with 1,000 threads. Those with 400 threads can be equally qualitative, although many people let themselves fooled that thread count means better quality. In terms of weave, you have two choices – crisp and soft. Percale is plainer and not that supple like sateen. Both are excellent materials, though.

Tencel And Silk

Tencel And Silk

It can be tough to decide on a luxury linen type. The variety is endless. One sort in particular that will make an exceptional wedding present is Tencel. The fabric is human-made, and it uses new-age fabric for bedding sets. With incredible abilities to hinder harmful bacteria and resist moisture, Tencel is an excellent choice of fabric.

For your wedding gift to be an exclusive type, you have another great choice – silk. It is luxurious and incredibly soft because it is manufactured from silkworms. Bedding sets and sheets are extremely soft to the touch. This means your gift will be perfect for the hot summer days. Furthermore, silk is a hypoallergenic fabric, which means it is ideal for people dealing with allergies.


Bed Linens Design

Bed linens come in a wealth of designs and models. Leaving aside fabric choice, it is equally important to pick sheets with appealing patterns and prints. Make a bold choice and select all-black silk linens. They’re extravagant and incredibly romantic too. Another great idea is to buy bed linens in striking, extravagant patterns. Geometric shapes, floral designs, and interesting drawings are all excellent options. Always consider the season before shopping for sheets. If you’re going to a wedding in the summer, silk with floral patterns will make an impression.

Don’t be shy and experiment with prints. Animal print designs, zigzags, stripes, and polka dots are ideas you should surely take into consideration. It is equally important to know a few things about fabric blends too. These are often more convenient than Egyptian cotton or silk, but they’re equally qualitative and trendy. Most blends are manufactured from viscose fiber from polyester, silk, or bamboo.

The bottom line is bed linens are ideal wedding gifts. To make an impression, you are advised to consider the finest fabrics. Opt for a modern, stylish design, and the happy couple will love the set. Think outside the box when looking for prints and patterns, and don’t be reticent. Select the most daring nuance, and your bedding set will be remembered for a very long time.

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