Luxurious Living Room: 5 Classy Themes to Keep You Cozy


Luxurious Living Room

A living room is one of the most important rooms in any household because it has to function as a room to entertain others and to be entertained yourself. Deciding what you want from your living room can help you decide what you should have for your living room.

A Cuddle-fest Nest

This look is perfect for those twenty-somethings just out of college (or maybe still studying) that hold comfort above all else. Creating a look with varied levels of lights, lots of plush carpet, and inviting fabrics will make your living room the only room you want to be in. Consider round shapes while purchasing wall hangings and furniture. Get some inspiration from number 8 on this cozy Buzzfeed list.

Family and Function

Luxurious Living Room

Having a family doesn’t mean that your house has to be all drab and no fab, it just means that your designs have to take family and functionality into consideration. With a bright color scheme, lots of storage, and a flair for varied textures, you will have the perfect room for hosting fun game days or family game nights.

Hostess with the Mostess

If you are the kind who thrives on hosting, your living room should reflect it. Optimize seating with armchairs, couches, love seats, and more. Keep the decoration simple and sweet, so you can quickly rework it for a variety of party themes. Choose only a few standout pieces to splurge on; they’ll charm your guests and keep your room from looking crowded.

Black Tie Business

Luxurious Living Room

Some of us are more business than bubbly when it comes to personality, and that is perfectly fine. Take command of your boss’s attitude and show it off with a sleek, chic, room. Nothing says power like a black leather sectional with sleek modern edges. Check out some options here at Creative Furniture Galleries.

Artist at Heart

Let your living room be as creative and quirky as you are with fun patterns and crafty décor. Shelves will be your best friend as they let you display all your latest crafty endeavors. Choose a neutral-colored furniture centerpiece so it can easily transition between your ever-changing styles. Find a coffee table that can also function as a craft table so that your creativity always has a place to be practiced.

Discover that living room that best reflects the way you live your life. Make sure it is something that you and your guests will both love.

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