Luxurious Living Room Ideas

On May 19, 2014 by Abhijit Sarkar

Guitar in Living Room
A Traditional Style Living Room with Piano Set-Up

There are many families who are music lovers and like to add a few musical items in the interiors of their living room. The decoration can be in any form it could either be a wall painting, an instrument or the entire room can be themed according to music. There are many living rooms that showcase a piano or a guitar.

Interior Decoration Ideas

The traditional style living rooms that are seen today have a common factor, they always highlight the piano. The presence of a piano in the living room upgrades the room in to a more classy, luxurious and sophisticated ambience.

Mesmerizing Maroon Walls of a Living Room

Luxury Home Interior Design Ideas

Red is a very dramatic and an exciting color, it is also known as the color of passion. There are other shades of red like maroon and burgundy which gives a stately and luxurious feeling. The shades of red depict strength, excitement, passion and warmth. The color is also said to be stimulating which is why it is used in the living and the dining rooms, to stimulate hunger and conversation. The color is used in small quantity unless of course someone is keen on painting all the walls in a strong shade like red.

Built-In Television Sets In the Wall in Modern Day Living Room

Exclusive Luxury Living Room Interior Design

Most of the living rooms have television sets; some of them will also have separate family entertainment room where there will be a television. But most often the space is limited and the TV is placed on a cabinet or hanging in the wall. Now days there is yet another option for placing it, the build-in method of getting the TV walled. There are many different styles in which the television sets can be walled.

Mansion Style Living Room Ideas with Oozing Sophistication

Grand Luxury Mansion Interiors

The term mansion is enough to think of luxury, sophistication, glamour and the shiny elements that are found at home. Whenever the term mansion is mentioned the other thing that comes in our mind is the large space, the living rooms are big and grand, the furniture are grand and huge. There are different ways in which the living rooms can be set up but what really brings out the beauty of the room is the furniture in the room and other accessories which compliment them. The lighting of the living room plays a very important part as it gives the room a stately appearance.

Dreamy Living Rooms

White Living Room Architecture

We always have an idea of how we want our living room to look like. The dream design or style many change after some time and may not want our living room to look like that anymore. But if we really want our living room to look in a particular way then we can work towards it. Dreams space or dream living rooms are out of a dream and look dreamy and mesmerizing if put together appropriately. The dream and the designing is done by the one who lives there which is the actual charm.

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