Magic of Terracotta for Your Décor


Want to add rustic, earthy magic to your décor than add the feel of terracotta. Terracotta as you can understand gives earthy feel, and rustic, such that you will have earthy warm décor as background or in decorative items. The word Terracotta means the fired earth.

Terracotta items for decor

Terracotta pots in blueterracotta-pots

Terracotta adds to décor but also is an ancient material and remains to be great aesthetic value in gardens, in balcony and in the home interiors as well as exteriors. The Terracotta is soft porous and texture which mellows over years.

You can get many Terracotta items which come in various varieties from large granaries to small pen holders. These Terracotta items are decorated with engravings, dyes, paints, and you get them polished.

terracotta pots_get_started_image

The common items of the Terracotta are planters and the pots but you can get many terracotta artifacts such as the bells, horses, hanging lamps, animals, idols, statues etc.

Terracotta Ganesha

You can also get Ganeshas which is an Indian Deity which brings prosperity and are quite popular.

The items mentioned above can be used in indoors and outdoors.

Terracotta garden

Terracotta has exclusive way of imparting rustic charm to place and it adds grace as well.

terracotta garden pots decorEven bright colors on terracotta items look beautiful and add zing to place.

When you décor room in terracotta, try the carved clay planters and the terracotta pots and any artifacts in carved designs.

Redesign your garden with lots of terracotta things as Terracotta blends well with the plants.

Terracotta can be used as dominant theme for landscaping.

Add lots of carved pots, add statues of horses, and elephants in garden and it will give warm feeling.

It will add vibrancy to your interiors or exteriors.

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  1. Dear madam, we are looking for restaurant setup as seen somany things on your site, so we would like to know more about your potteries.

  2. You made a good point that good engraving work is also to be considered when it comes to landscaping pottery. I’m interested in having more earthy elements in my property because I think they have nice meditative elements. I’d like to have a nice middle ground between a traditional garden and a Zen rock garden.


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