Maintain Your Yard For Optimal Foundation Health


Yard Maintenance

Your yard plays a big part in protecting your foundation. You can get help redoing your landscaping if problems arise. Homeowners can start with good landscaping when first building the home, as well. This involves planting trees at least 15 feet away and choosing plants that work well with your soil. Proper watering and drainage help the soil stay healthy. Water should always run away from your home. Standing water indicates a problem. With the right landscaping, good drainage, and routine watering, your foundation can stay healthy for many years.


Trees make a neighborhood look cozy and inviting. They also help to filter out toxins in the air. You can have beautiful trees on your property without ruining your foundation. Search for trees that fit the size of your property. Some trees have roots that spread further than others—plant trees at least 15 feet from your home. Consider planting your trees further from the home if the species grow extremely large. If the roots of your tree disrupt the soil under your home, you may notice cracks or uneven floors. A quality professional for foundation repair in Huntsville AL can help resolve the problem.

Choose The Right Plants

Landscaping with flower beds adds style and color to a home. Depending on the area you live in; however, some plants can become disruptive to your soil. A professional landscaper can help you choose plants and flowers that work well in the soil where you live. Native plants may also grow easier and remain healthier. The soil under your home moves over time. You cannot avoid this movement; however, some trees and plants can cause unnecessary damage.

Check The Slope

You should have a sloped yard to protect the home. When it rains, look to see if water drains away from your home. If you have standing water, you may need to have the slope repaired. Standing water can also indicate the beginning of a foundation problem. Extra water can also end up near your home if your gutters get clogged. Clean the gutters regularly so water can flow properly.

Maintain The Moisture

Maintain your yard by watering it properly. Foundation problems can begin if the yard remains too dry or too wet. Some plants require minimal water, while others need consistently moist soil. If your plants need a lot of water, set up a proper watering schedule or install a sprinkler system. Be sure to adjust your watering during rainy months. 

If you begin to notice cracks in your home, sticking doors, or standing water, you may need help with your foundation. You may also need to work on your landscaping to make it more compatible with your foundation. Pay attention to small changes in your home and yard so you can prevent large-scale foundation problems. If you build a new home, plant trees, and plants won’t severely disrupt the foundation. Homeowners can take control of their foundation health with quality landscaping and routine yard maintenance.

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