Make a Splash with Tropical Inspired Decor

On August 4, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Living Room Interior

Even though some colder themes used to dominate in the past few years (Scandinavian most prominently), 2016 is going to be a lot warmer, at least when décor is in question. With this in mind, you may want is to introduce a bit of tropical atmosphere into your home. In this way, even if you couldn’t go to Bahamas, most of the time, you won’t even be able to tell the difference. Here are few tips and tricks that will make this happen.

Let in the Breeze

Contemporary Furniture
There are two things that every tropical island has in abundance: natural light and gentle breeze. In order to be able to rightfully claim the epithet of tropical, your home needs as much natural light as it can get. This means large and clear windows and of course sliding patio doors. Thus, you will increase the influx of natural illumination, but there is no reason for you to stop there. Adding a ceiling fan to the room, will ensure the flow of air even on the days where there is no wind whatsoever. Moreover, ceiling fan and sliding patio doors when combined, truly give away the impression of a tropical bungalow.

Welcome to the Jungle

Plant Potted Decorative Green Vase
Even though people who go to the tropes spend most of their vacation on a sandy beach, there is nothing more tropical than lush and green jungle. In order not to miss out on this particular aspect of tropical vacation, you might want to consider adding some tropical indoor plants to the mix.

Ficus, palms and peace lily’s go well with almost any setting, but you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with colors a bit more. Why settle for mundane green, when you can add some rich purple with some beautiful orchids. Lastly, adding a fruit basket with bananas, pineapple, kiwifruit and all that you associate tropical paradise with, will be a nice final touch.

Your Own Beach House

Modern Purple RugsAs we already mentioned, what we are aiming for is not an urban venue, but something closer to a seaside resort. What this means is that furniture elements like wall-to-wall carpet are a definite no. What your home will need is a hardwood or tiles floor, enriched with a nice area rug. In order to be frugal, since after all, this design might cost an arm and a leg, you can always save some money by looking for cheap modern rugs.

Open Space All Around

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One of the most important things in making a tropical inspired décor, lies in creating an illusion of open space. This is why, going light grey, baby blue or turquoise on your walls might turn out to be a wise choice.

If you absolutely feel like you need some more intense color, the best choice would be to go with accent painting. In this way, one of your walls can be in pumpkin orange or vermilion while the rest of the room can remain light grey or white. Of course, with tropical décor, wallpaper is always a viable option, just make sure to go with natural motifs like palm leaves.

Final Touch

Patio Outdoor FurnitureIf you are dead set on tropical inspired design, it would be wise to consider equipping the interior of your home with outside furniture. After all, it is this outdoors ambiance that you are trying to recreate in the first place. Wicker armchairs, sofa’s and coffee table can guarantee your decoration will be quite unique and completely on the spot. Just add some cushions to the mix and even a wall cloth or two to act as a pseudo-shade-sail. As a final touch, you can accessorize your walls with images of tropical leaves, pineapples or flamingos.

After all your work on this home remodeling is set and done, you will realize that in order to go on a tropical vacation, all you need to do is stay inside. Not only will this cause you a great deal of pride and pleasure, but it might also leave a strong impression on your friends and visitors as well. To them, a brief visit to you, may seem as a stay at Four Seasons Resort Maui. A goal definitely worth working towards.

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