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On October 17, 2014 by Mamta

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One of the characteristics of the modern homes is low ceilings. Low ceiling makes you feel little cramp and rather closed in. Now presenting to you are some simple decorating tricks which will make your ceiling look little higher and less closed in. Basically these are tricks to create visual effect in such a way that your ceiling will look higher but nothing actually.

White Paint:

Classic Interiors with Beautiful Ceiling Moulding Designs

White creates sense of height and gives sense of the expansiveness. White paint on ceiling reflects lot of light which gives sense of increase in height. You can either use matte or high gloss finish of white paint.

If you don’t wish to have white color then you can choose any lighter shade of colors. Choose cool color from the pastel shade range. Important thing is that color of the ceiling must be lighter than wall colors.

Contemporary Dining Room

White Paint:

To make your ceiling look higher use vertical wall patterns on the wall. You can use wallpaper or paint the wall with vertical stripe pattern. The vertical stripe pattern creates appearance of the height.

Avoid any Features Protruding From Ceiling:

Wooden Floor in Art Deco Living Room

If you have low ceiling then let it be flat. Features protruding make the ceiling feel much closer. So don’t include on the ceilings any moldings, overhead lighting, and no ceiling fans.

For crown molding keep it between two to three inches only. Anything more will be thick.

Choose to have wall lighting and not overhead lighting. Avoid using the recessed can lights as it results in uneven light distribution which makes ceiling seem closer. Keep light sources eve across ceiling.

Modern Interiors with High Ceiling Look White Paint Living Room

Window furnishings can be used to give increase sense of height. For this hang full length drapes or curtains that is preferable from ceiling height. This will draw eyes straight up long in vertical line creating sense of more height.

Hang your artwork high on wall. Photos too can be hung high on wall. Also use vertical line artwork as it gives impression of height.

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