Make Origami Christmas Ornaments


Christmas Ornaments Origami Ball

Preparing Christmas ornaments by yourself is always fun and worth making. By creating them with your own hand is nothing compared to readymade accessories. Christmas is all about spending some quality time with loved ones. So, it is a perfect time to make Christmas origami at home as you get to spend more time with your family. It can be such a wonderful activity during Christmas time.

Christmas Origami Star Silver Paper Decoration

Additionally, creating Christmas origami decorating items are very cheap and you can also make as many as you want. To help you make your own Christmas origami decorating pieces I have found some helpful DIYs that you can also try.

Origami Diamond Ornaments

One of the most essential elements of a Christmas tree is putting starts on it. So, by making origami starts you can give a unique and extra sparkle on your Christmas tree. These lucky starts are not only for topping your mini Christmas tree but also for any kind of decoration. You can also glue them with a string and hang them as a decorating piece. Some variations can be added by putting different types of starts. Some are given bellow-

Christmas Origami Ornament Flower Decoration

A beautiful piece of hanging flower can be a statement piece for you Christmas decoration. They can be made with left over or even unusable papers.

Contemporary Holiday Decorations

These little starts look no less than a shining star. They add a different festive look to your house by incorporating with some lights. These are fantastic to decorate your tree or gifts. They are made with foiled paper and you can also use kitchen foil papers to make it.

Christmas Origami Hanging Star Ornament Decoration


Snowflakes are another statement piece of a Christmas tree without which your tree might look dull. Hence this brilliant homemade snowflake will definitely add an authentic Christmas mood.


Even a colorful snowflakes add color to the tree.

Isn’t it a beautiful decorating piece? You can not only use it on your gift boxes but also as a wall decoration.

Origami Envelope

To make the card holder more unique and cute you can also make origami inspired envelopes to hold your cards. Interestingly these envelopes can be made according to the shape of the card.

Finally, the best part of creating origami decorating piece is, even with the leftover pieces you can make more items. As there is less hassle in making these ornaments, anyone can try to make their own decorating pieces. One can also make them in any occasions.

Origami Decoration for Christmas

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