Make Reading Fun: Outdoor Book Nook For Kids


Outdoor Book Nook For Kids

Reading helps to stimulate your child’s imagination and strengthens their reading skills. With all the technology distractions today, it may be the last thing they want to do. There’s a simple way you can make reading more alluring to them. Create a cozy outdoor reading nook!

Your children probably don’t like being stuck indoors when good weather beckons. An outdoor reading nook enables them to enjoy nature while improving their literacy. Here are a few useful tips on creating a fun space for your kids to have fun reading books they love.

What Type Of Reading Nook?

When it comes to the overall design style and theme for an outdoor reading nook, your imagination is the only limit. The right style and combination of elements can create an excellent atmosphere and ambiance that will draw your kids into the adventure.

You might want to try a shed-based reading nook. This is a small shed that you could buy from a home gardening supply store. Many folks use them for storing tools, but it could easily be transformed into a private reading space for the kids. A tree with a solid limb could be a great place for a nook, where a hammock is your centerpiece. A good lounge chair with storage for books is also a great focal point for a reading nook.

A tent or teepee reading nook is another popular style. Unlike a shed, a teepee can be more easily taken apart and brought indoors when the weather turns bad. Kids love the feeling of outdoor adventure — like they’re camping right in the backyard. Putting together a teepee reading nook can also be a fun, creative project for you! Here’s a tutorial on how to make one for your kids.

What Furnishings And Decor Should You Use?

You should decide if you want a theme for your reading nook before deciding on furnishings or décor. If it’s a “reading garden” theme, you’ll want to keep the furnishings and décor pretty basic and add plenty of plants and greenery for ambiance. If your child is a fan of superheroes, you can decorate the nook with symbols and objects related to their favorite characters.

Remember, you want this space to be as inviting as possible so your kids will enjoy the experience. If you’d instead not buy a hammock or lounge chairs, you can put down cushions or plush carpeting to make it warmer and comfier. Bean bag chairs are also an inexpensive option. It would help if you used throw pillows to add coziness and comfort. For a space that’s designed around a particular theme, you can even order custom throw pillows that match your theme. Also, don’t forget to have a couple of blankets available so they can cuddle under them on chilly days or nights. You can get the best chill sack bean bag chair is a great size for both kids and adults which you can find at Architecture Lab Magazine.

Don’t Ignore the Lighting

Reading without sufficient light can strain your eyes. If there’s a chance, your children will be using their nook at dusk when light is fading, or even at night, make sure the space has excellent lighting. It can be as simple as a lamp around the house that you’re not using. If this space is themed after superheroes, a favorite sport, or another subject, you can even add related stickers to the base of the lamp. Another cheap option is weatherproof outdoor string lights. These would go great across the top of a shed or frame a reading nook.

Consider Expanding The Space Beyond Reading

You might want to have this nook be the center of fun for your kids. In addition to a bevy of books that they’ll enjoy, you can include a small table and a chessboard or checkers. These activities still engage critical reasoning skills and are far better than video or digital games. It also gives them something else to do when they desire a diversion from reading. The main goal is to encourage your children to read and play games that require reasoning and critical thinking so that when they’re older, they choose educational activities on their own.

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