Make That Small Space Look Big

On June 19, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

When getting yourself a place, having a small space just because that’s only what your budget allows shouldn’t be a problem.

Sure, there will always be concerns about storage and space, but if you know how to trick your senses, there are simple ways to make that small space look big. Remember, it is all about optical illusion.

Here are a few tips for you to choose from. Check out which ones you think you can do and then start the fun process of rearranging your home.

  1. Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Allow natural light into your home. This is perhaps the simplest that you could do to make your space look bigger. Allowing light through also gives your space more depth.

If you feel the need to cover your windows for some privacy, use blinds instead of curtains and let them hang all the way down for an unobstructed line of sight.

What if you don’t have a lot of natural light? Make do with lighting fixtures instead. Pick out those that are stylish and choose those that have small bases so as not to eat up floor space.

  1. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirror On The Wall
Another tried-and-tested trick, covering your walls with mirrors is sure to make your tiny space pretty.

According to Euchar from Karkanja property in Malta, the trick with using mirrors is knowing where to place them for optimum results. Since mirrors reflect light, it is best to place them across your windows. You may also have one behind a chest or table to create the illusion that there is more space behind it.

  1. Color It Light

Color It Light
Pick out pale shades for your walls and floors; they’re guaranteed to make your tiny space feel open and airy. Light-colored paint also complements the “opening” you’ve made by allowing natural light into your home.

Aside from the light earth colors, you may also go for blue, green, and lavender in soft tones.

Just a quick tip. If you have a wall trim, make sure to use a color that’s lighter than your wall.

  1. ‘Floor Plan’

Floor Plan

Striped floors create the illusion of an interrupted flow. Do not have too many floor styles, as this will only make your space look even smaller.

Any material for your floor will do but remember to choose wider boards if you’re using timber or pick out the large ones if you’re using tiles.

Rugs are helpful, too, provided that they’re not placed under the sofa. A round rug would be ideal, but small traditional rugs may also be used. Rugs make your space look like one big space with several smaller areas.

  1. Not Too Chunky

Not Too Chunky

Go for contemporary pieces. Chunky furniture will only make your small space look a lot smaller than it already is.

Pick out multi-functional ones—a dining set whose table and chairs can be folded and tucked away, a sofa bed, expandable tables. And when you think you’ve got all furniture pieces that you need, always remember not to push them back against the wall. Leave space, about an inch or two, so your house won’t look cramped.

  1. Clutter-Free

Whatever trick you do to make your small house look big, if it is full of clutter, it will still look and feel small.

So before you do anything to make your house look big, check your stuff and ask yourself—what do I really need all these? If your answer is no, it’s time to do some major cleanup.

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