Make The Most Thoughtful Bed For Your Guests With These Tips!


Most Thoughtful Bed For Your Guests

Some guests are very close to our hearts. Whenever they arrive, we want to make them feel a lot comfortable and cozy. If you have some special guests arriving at your home for holidays, you would desire them to feel at home. Especially because traveling inevitably affects their sleep habits, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

The major step in ensuring this is to make their room as cozy and comfortable as possible. Why don’t we take help from the experts then? Well, let us try out these awesome expert tips that are shared below that will help your guests get the most amazing experience in your home. However, before that, let us quickly make a checklist of the important stuff you will require for making a bed. Here you go!

  • Quality mattress
  • Duvet cover
  • 2 pillowcases
  • Luxury cotton fitted sheet
  • 2 shams
  • Throw pillow
  • Pillow protector covers
  • Breathable mattress pad made of cotton
  • Throw blanket

Ensure Investing In Proper Stuff

When you turn to shop for the new duvet covers and sheets, then ensure being pretty careful of the material, fabric construction, and thread count. Taking care of these small but vital details will help you a lot if you are interested in quality.

You can even take help from a reliable mattress review website and blogs like Newsweek to get authentic information about different mattresses and user reviews. From the cost factor to comfort level, you can get to know what other people have to say about the mattresses you are considering.

Apart from mattresses, pillows play a major part too. A quality mattress and a pillow must offer optimal neck and back support to your guests.

Starting With The Foundation

Before heading out shopping for a mattress, it is crucial to determine what kind of sleeper you are. For instance, side sleepers must go for something on a softer side, while the stomach or back sleepers must go for something firm. Most of the mattresses come with a lifespan of around 8-10 years.

The next step here is to cover the mattress with a proper mattress pad. A mattress pad offers an additional comfort layer along with protecting your mattress from spills, dust, and stains. For extra breathability, especially during summer nights and for insulation in winter, you can make use of a cotton mattress pad.

Give A Touch Of Luxury!

Once you choose the mattress, it is now time to go for the right sheets. After all, we want our entire bed to look not only good but also feel good. The below tips will make sure that you are getting top-quality sheets for the most sound night’s sleep!

  • Material – Cotton is available in different quality levels. No matter where it is grown, the best quality is a 100% extra-long-staple one. It breathes far better than linen, jersey, or other fibre blends like bamboo, rayon, or polyester.
  • Thread count – While thread count indeed matters, you must not go beyond 430. To get the thread counts above 430, most bedding manufacturers use distinct counting and weaving methods that may not always result in top-quality fabric. A high-quality bed sheet that can prove to last for many years will likely be in the range of 300-430 thread count.
  • Weave – If you are fond of silky and smooth sheets, you will love cotton sheets that are woven with a sateen weave. A percale weave can be best for a crisper and lighter hand feel.

For long-term guests, remember sheets should be changed at least once a week.

Ratio Of Pillow-To-Bed

If you have multiple pillows on the bed, then it will likely turn out to be more stylish and comfortable. You can try some math here! For instance, you can set up one Euro pillow along with two standard pillows for twin beds. In the case of a queen-sized or full-sized bed, you can layer 2 Euro pillows along with 4 standard ones.

For a king-sized one, you can set up 2-3 Euro pillows along with 4 king pillows. Generally, Euro pillows are sturdier and larger that allows them to sit closest to the headboard. They can be a great option for the guests who want to prop them up in bed to watch TV or while reading.

It Is Now Time For The Flat Sheet!

Lay the flat sheet on the top of the fitted sheet. For getting a tucked-in and super crisp look, you can make the hospital corner. After that, you can fold over the top of the flat sheet. However, if you like sleeping without a top sheet but still desire a perfectly made bed, you can opt for a duvet cover. It can be one of the best ways to make the bed every morning.

Layer, Layer, And Layer!

Put a duvet cover on the comforter. They are universally recognized as an easy-care bedding choice for the bedroom. You can use it as a perfect statement piece for the room. While choosing one, think about different factors too, like style and design along with proper quality. It will set up the tone of your entire bedroom. For creating a dreamy bedroom, you can have great fun with pattern, color, and texture on the bed!

You can even enjoy a different look by styling the duvet cover in distinct ways to achieve the desired look. You can make your bed with a duvet cover pulled completely up or even folded halfway to expose beautiful sheets.

Padding The Mattress

Mattress pads can be a great way of adding comfort and warmth. It protects your mattress as well. It will allow you to upgrade your bed’s quality without the need to replace your complete mattress. There are ample options to give additional support for the mattress, including a memory foam topper, fiber-bed, or just a mattress protector for a bit of extra cushion.

Finish It Up With Pillows!

Having stylish and blending pillows on the bed completes the entire look of the bedroom. It is highly recommended to match a minimum of 2 pairs of the shams with a duvet cover and layer the next with the sleeping pillows. You can then add more of the decorative shams for completing the bed.

You should cover the sleeping pillows with the help of pillow protectors for longevity. While styling up the pillows, think of the odd numbers. For instance, 7, 5, or 3 pillows will definitely remove any kind of symmetry and will add great interest to the eye.

Mistakes You Should Never Make While Making A Bed For Your Guests

  • Using sheets from your school or college days!

The guest room cannot be a place for the castoff sheet, ever! The same thing holds true for the scraggly and rough towels. Ensure giving your guests your good linens. If you don’t have any, go for a new one. Iron the pillowcases if you really want your visitors to be spoiled!

  • Ignoring grungy pads for the mattress

Even if you use a sofa bed, then you must be having a mattress pad. This quilted mattress pad allows your mattress to look and feel fresh as lemon. Plus, it even adds slight padding. We all don’t really remember washing them quite often.

Remember, some of the travel-wise guests can even inspect mattress pads to check for bed bugs. Others may remove sheets from the bed before they check out, which can allow them to catch just a glimpse of the mattress pad. In case it looks or feels nasty, you can consider a proper upgrade.

Not Offering Tech Support

It is possible that someone may carry more than one phone, laptop, and other such gadgets while traveling. As a result, they need proper points for charging them. So, you can leave a clear note in the guest room listing the WiFi code and can even point out exactly where electrical outlets are. It will definitely not look good when the guests arrive late and have to end up hunting for the places to plug their chargers in for the night.

In case you have a TV in the room, offer them clear instructions in the form of writing on using cable and remotes. Such minor yet important considerations can make your guests feel valued in the end!

Overall, a comfortable and quality bed is the most crucial element of any guest room and bedroom. There are ample other things that you can add to make your guest room more welcoming and your guests happier!

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