Make Your Bedroom A Romantic Haven: Part 2


Comfortable Romantic Luxury Bedroom

The bedroom needs to be comfortable, and at the same time, it must be a romantic space also. This is because these days, we don’t much have time for weekend getaways and trips due to various personal and professional commitments. Thus your bedroom must have romantic elements to keep the relationship’s spark alive.

Continuing With More Décor Tips For Bedroom To Make It Romantic Haven:

Big Bedroom With Rocking Chair

You can create a private nook in your room by adding furniture such as a light armchair, interesting ottoman, rocking chair, overstuffed love seats, lazy boy, and under-bed upholstered seated on castors which can be pulled out. This will give the room a passionate and lunge-like feel.

Bay Window Seat In Bedroom

If you have a large window or bay window can be used to have a window seat. A cantilevered slab of stone out of the window can be used by using brackets beneath, creating additional window seats or box windows where you will be able to spend time chatting or reading a book.

Round Breakfast Table For Couple

If your room has space where you can set a small round breakfast table, it will be great where it will invite conversations. You can have secret candlelight dinner or midnight meals, or early morning secret breakfast away from the rest of the home. Morning cup of the cuppa with a lover opposite you is a post passionate and inimitable moment that will hold you excited for the rest of the day.

Add Your Romantic Pictures On Wall:

Sea View Cool Adult Bedroom With Romantic Picture On Wall

Surround yourself with photos of love and places which remind you of passionate memories and things that bring romance to you. It will bring a state of euphoria.

Colors in the room must be romantic colors such as deep blues, reds, sea greens, aubergine, pinks, fuchsia, etc. darker color with light ones creates a sanctuary like a place to relax as well as have passion.

Walls must not be plain. Along with romantic color, you can add wall stencils or anything which emotes love in you and your spouse.

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