Make Your Bedroom a Romantic Haven: Part 3

On October 23, 2013 by Mamta

Modern Interior Design romantic Bedroom

Bedroom is place of privacy and intimacy. Bedroom is to be personal space and bedroom shared by couple must look like it is part of couple’s personality. Bedroom should reflect their likes and dislikes. A bedroom must be cozy and at same time is must be clutter free.

Modern Bedroom

Here are some more pointers for making your bedroom romantic haven:

Add study stable within bedroom. Install a vintage roll top writing desk which is accompanies by comfortable chair. Make sure you pen down some romantic love notes on it.

Study is bedroom will help to keep office work away from bed and thus bed will be clutter free.

Adding a table lamp on each bedside is also a good idea. this adds to décor and also there is no need of lighting the whole room when you need little light all for yourself.

Beautiful Romantic Bedroom Design

Dressing table if being shared by both needs to be well organized. Though men have lesser things yet they will need proper space even in dressing table.

Don’t keep anything on the dressing table but few needy or decorative things only.

Have a bed tray cum table under your bed which can help you eat luxurious dinner on the bed in case you don’t have space in room for small table.

Accessorize your dressing table with crystal and porcelain.

Always cut clutter and maintain order.


Fashionable shelving is awesome which will be good organizer and smart chunky drawers which will be important to hide necessities like phone and tablet chargers, stationery, mobile phones, etc.

Bedroom Design with Shelves

Keep utilitarian racks or rustic baskets or multifarious compartments which can be pulled out for easy access to keep certain things handy.

Romantic room will be which is perfect for retreat and relaxation and for that it important that everything is close to hand such as the remotes of air conditioners, and things you need while you have your time together.

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