Make Your Home Energy-Efficient: 7 Features To Consider


Modern living is dominated by innovation and technology. Modern transportation technology, useful apps, and smart home systems are everywhere, making people’s life a lot easier. But with all these amazing developments, some people still are not living greener.

Even a single eco-friendly change in a person’s lifestyle can have a significant impact on Mother Earth. But in some cases, people who are willing to make small changes and “live greener” do not know how to do it, or how to start.

One of the best ways to help the environment as well as to save money on utility bills is to build an energy-efficient home. Here are seven features you would want to install in your home to make your living space cost-efficient and environmentally friendly:

  1. Window Treatments

Window Treatments

Be specific in your choice of window treatments. Make sure to opt for ones that help reduce heat loss and keep fresh air inside, especially during the hot months.

Remember that there are several factors to consider when determining the energy efficiency of each window treatment. These include the colour/tinting, the type of material used, the glass layer/s, type of insulation, glazing, and proper installation.

Moreover, you have to check the window energy rating (WER) label of the window. In the UK, the rating system is based on an E to A++ scale, with A++ being the most energy-efficient. Since about 25% of heat escapes through your windows, you must install energy-efficient windows to save energy. This means opting for A or A++ rated window treatments.

  1. Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors

Just like in choosing window treatments, you must also consider energy performance rating when selecting doors for your home. This score will give you an idea of how the door preserves the energy inside your home by trapping cool air or heat inside, depending on the season.

Using this score is the best way to narrow down your choices and find a door that suits your needs, taste, and wants.

  1. House Framing

Otherwise known as “optimum value engineering,” advanced house framing is a technique wherein a property is constructed using less waste and lumber. This framing strategy helps save energy by using more insulation and less wood.

This cuts labour costs by 3 to 5% and annual cooling and heating costs by up to 5%.

  1. Skylights

When thinking of improving the energy efficiency of your home, skylights, perhaps, are among the features that come foremost in your mind, and for a good reason.

Indeed, skylights offer plenty of benefits, making them an ideal choice for any home. They improve property ventilation, lighting, and heating.

  1. Flooring

Italian Marble Flooring

The type of flooring you choose can also help you save money and energy. Rugs and carpets can trap heat as well as keep your home warmer during cooler months. Linoleum, wood and cork flooring have better insulation values than ceramic, stone, and other tile flooring types. But tile and stone are excellent at storing heat that comes from the sun.

  1. Cool Roofs

Laminated Roofs

Cool roofs are meant to lower roofing temperatures by reflecting sunlight. They are made of a reflective material contained within roofing materials like shingles, tiles, paint and other substances. This is ideal for properties in warm climates where the cost of air conditioning is usually too high.

  1. Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Whenever possible, you should have a solar power system installed in your home. It generates passive energy for free and promotes lower fossil fuel usage. The installation cost can be expensive, but the electricity it produces is free, which can significantly reduce your monthly electric bill.

With today’s escalating energy prices, building an energy-efficient home should be your primary goal. Assess your home windows, doors, flooring, and other features to check if they are eco-friendly. If not, now is the best time to replace them. And when it comes to replacing window treatments and doors, make sure to get them from reputable manufacturers, so you get to really “live greener.”

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