Make Your Home Germ Free


Germ Free Home

Our home can be a breeding ground for germs if we don’t take proper care.

Here are things to make your home germ-free:

Cleaning the Washing Machine

First, ensure that none of the family members keep their dirty clothes lying around the home for long. Ensure they are washed. The washing machines need to be cleaned as well. For cleaning the washing machine, you can add a fistful of the bleach and let it run for just a few minutes. This shall effectively kill bacteria and viruses accumulated in the device.

Change Dirty Towels

Change dirty towels and wash them in warm water. Also, add a disinfectant that will remove germs.

Linen of the Bed

Changing the linen of the bed is essential. Change every weekend.

Never allow food on the bed, as this can attract molds and ants, which will carry along more germs.

Dusting needs to be done well. Make sure while you are dusting that your dust is not settling in some other place.

Modern Vacuum Cleaner

Buy a mini vacuum cleaner for dusting.

Clean your computer keyboard as it can collect unusual germs. So could you keep it clean?

The kitchen platform is another place where germs get collected. Use a sanitizer to clean it.

Sanitizer can also be used for cleaning glass and the plastic surfaces of your home.

Cleaning the home means you need to clean the handles and doorknobs thoroughly, as we use them to open doors, and that’s where all germs settle.

The kitchen sink is essential to keep it clean as it is the best breeding ground for germs to collect.

There shouldn’t be any leakage in your home and no stagnant water to avoid all germs.

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