Make Your Home Look Cozy in Winters

On January 1, 2014 by Himanshu Shah

Winter Modern Interiors Living Room

Give your home a new and cozy look this winter. In air there is lingering nip and this make a right time to give your home a warm and cozy look. With right visual elements you can have your interiors look chic, warm, cozy and even inviting in cold months.

Here are some tips to make your home look cozy in winters:

Keep colors simple:

French Modern Windows

Start with paint. It is perhaps best starting point for redecorating your home. Begin with neutral colors such as beige, white and light blue. When you keep color simple it gives you freedom to play with rest of interiors.

Bring warmth:

Modern Living Warm Ambience

Warmth is added in winters by making the place more comfortable. Decorating for winters is about making place seem warm because it is do cold and harsh outside. This you can do by plush throws, pillows, rich quilts which you place on sofa, couch and beds.

Traditional furniture adds glamour:

Modern Home Decoration with Area Rugs Sofa

Break straight lines of the contemporary furniture and add traditional pieces and make them as your focal point.

Have furniture which have raw and unfinished look, use pieces which reflect outside on inside by using the accessories and furniture which have raw and unfinished look.

Red Warm Winter Sofa

Opt for low height furniture: it gives more interactive and cozier look.

Bring in some greenery in home a bit of nature in home.

Area rugs and curtains:

Modern Living Room with White Sofa

Well these two add dramatic touch to interiors and look of your home. Reversible curtains can be best idea such that you flip them to have a new look. Add coziness with bright colors with curtains and rugs.

Use candles:

Silver Hanger and Candles Lamp in Wood Clad Interior Wall Feature by Theshd

Accessories add the final touch and candles are best for giving warm look in winters.

Loft Interior Furniture with Pink Sofas and Romantic Candle Light

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