Make Your Job Easier with A Cabinet Hardware Jig


Just like any other hobby or job, you need to invest in the right tools and equipment. If not, your projects will end up into frustrating endeavors that you’ll end up throwing away in the end. If you’re planning to install hardware at home such as cabinets, then you probably know how important a cabinet hardware jig is. A hardware jig will make your life easier and allow you to finish your project on schedule. It’s definitely what you need for all your DIY home improvement projects.

Cabinet Hardware Jig: What Is It?

The hardware jig is a simple, well-designed, adjustable tool that is used for drilling mounting holes for single-stem knobs or two-stem pulls. Some jigs are made with a rigid plastic platform with a sliding fence that enables adjustable offset from a drawer or door edge.

If you’re embarking on a cabinet installation project at home and you find yourself having a bit of trouble getting it done, then you’ll need a cabinet hardware jig.

Whether you’re simply updating your cabinets at home (bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen) or building something from scratch, don’t ever think about starting one without using a hardware jig.


Because installing cabinet hardware like pulls and knobs are often the most complicated and time-consuming task, you have to do. You need to make sure you drill accurately and in an upright manner.

Also, you have to measure where to place the holes, and having a cabinet hardware jig will make things easier for you by eliminating all the guesswork.

What Is Cabinet Hardware Jig Best For You?

The best hardware jig is one that’s designed to be easy enough for beginners to understand, but robust enough for professionals to use.

Whether it is to give your room an entirely new look or to add new hardware to new cabinets, or embark on a DIY project, a cabinet hardware jig will make the entire process of adding knobs and pulls a breeze.

One of the most important parts of the job when finishing up any DIY project is drilling the hardware. If you make even just one tiny mistake, you could end up having to redo everything or do more filling work. That doesn’t sound fun.

Fortunately, if you use a hardware jig, you don’t need to rely on guesswork, thanks to the measuring and drill guides that come with it.

How To Choose The Best Cabinet Hardware Jig?

It’s important to invest in a hardware jig that will let you do your job accurately and quickly. Choosing the best one for you isn’t that hard because there aren’t that many companies and manufacturers out there that make them.

This means that you only need to check out a couple or so features to choose the right one. Below are some of the things you need to look out when choosing a cabinet hardware jig:


Because you will be using this device/tool a lot, you must make sure they are durable. They need to be tough ad built strong, so they won’t lose shape or break while you’re in the middle of a project. It should be reliable for accurate measurement even after many uses.

If durability is one of your main concerns, then it’s best to invest in a steel jig. Steel jigs are better than their aluminum counterparts. This also means that the tool will be able to take a lot of abuse and survive tough jobs.

When choosing cabinet hardware jigs, make sure you buy one with reinforced templates, steel liners, and bushings.


Let’s face it: nobody has the time to mess around with hardware jigs that are super complicated to use. Simplicity is the key here. You need a jig that can help cut down the time you spend on your DIY project and allow you to work conveniently as possible.

There are plenty of cheap quality hardware jigs out there, and most of them will work. But trust us when we say they don’t last for long. Perhaps you’ll be able to use them once or twice, and they’d be useless the third time. You’ll only end up spending more money to replace them. Most of the cheaper varieties also have very limited features.

This means you’ll end up doing all the measuring and prep work by yourself using a different set of tools. This is precisely why you must invest in a tool that is equipped with all the features you need so you can save time and make the installation process easier for you.

Additional Features to Look Out For

It’s also important to consider the extra features that come with cabinet hardware jig you’re getting. Some jigs have center markings that are perfect for installing cabinet handles, while some are great for drilling shelf holes. Some hardware jigs are only good for basic measurement purposes.

If you want a jig that has more features, then be prepared to shell out more money. More features mean it will cost more. Don’t expect a basic tool to be equipped with all the parts for different applications. Again, it would be best if you considered the price as well.

Are you willing to pay more for the features that a hardware jig comes with? If you think you can get by without all the additional features, then choose only the simple ones. You don’t need to pay extra. Save your money and buy some other tools you need for woodworking instead.


When you use the right cabinet hardware jig and finish up your project, the result will turn out better than you ever imagined.

With the right hardware jig, every phase of the job will be easier, and the progress will go on smoothly. From installing doors to putting up the drawers in place and drilling up the hardware, every step of the way—your job will be easier and finish up more quickly than anticipated.

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