Make Your Living Room Look Like A Million Bucks – A Mini Makeover!


The living room is the most important room in the house. It’s where you come to crash after a long hectic day, it’s where the kids sit and watch movies together, and it’s the place where you relax and enjoy some good gossip and coffee with your friends.

A living room should always be comfortable and inviting. It should also have a reflection of your likings. But designing your living room can be a bit costly since most décor ideas are always edging towards an expense.

Here are some ways you can design your living room in a little budget but still make it look expensive and chic.

  1. Art

Living Room Art

To make your living room stand out, make sure to create a focal point before you start decorating. This helps to have a mid-point of the room which is useful in setting the furniture and adding the décor. After you are done with the focal point, you can hang up anything and everything you want! You can hang an oversized family portrait, or small photos of your kids, or even pictures of your pets, family trips, graduation days, etc. You can also add abstract art or pictures of nature views!

  1. Different Textures

Living Room Texture

Having one kind of texture can make any place look boring. Make sure to experiment and create a mix of materials and textures to make your room look more eye-catching. You can decorate with glass, metal, leather, soft rugs, pillows, curtains, etc. You can even create unique yet attractive combinations like silk curtains with leather sofas, or throw a soft woolen rug with some fluffy colored pillows to match!

  1. Interesting or Unique

Contemporary Living Room

Sometimes adding something unique gives a modern effect to the room. If your living room has tables and chairs, and shelves, you might want to add something different that would stand out or catch the attention of everyone who walks in. There are many options like a funky lamp or a stack of different sized suitcases, or maybe turn an old bathtub into a couch! If you don’t want to go overboard, then you can also add some bright neon colored seating, or pillows, or even paint a wall in neon color and add some art.

  1. Fire Area

Living Room Fireplace

The fireplace always makes your living more inviting, warm, and comfortable! You can always have a real fireplace in your living room, but if you can’t afford that, or live in temperate areas, then you can still have a fake fire setup, or even light side place scented candles! They add the fragrance and warmth to your living room, and that makes a room seem more comfortable! It’s perfect for days when you want to have a movie night with your friends or if you want to spend some quality time with your loved one sipping wine.

  1. Antique or Vintage Touch

Vintage Living Room

Adding vintage or antique touch to your living room is one of the safest and most beautiful options. A little vintage furniture, an antique lamp, an oversized mirror from the 50s always makes your living room more inviting! If you don’t want to add big decoration pieces, you can always add small ones like paintings from the old days, antique boxes, wall sculptures, an old reading lamp, or even a small rack for magazines and books!

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