Make Your Staircase the Attractive Part of Your Home


Traditional staircase

People tend to forget that staircase can be made look as interesting as the rest of the home. In the home décor the staircase is at times neglected areas because we underestimate it. But in reality if staircase is done well will add charm to the interiors and add up to whole décor of the home. This is especially important for the row houses, penthouses, duplex flats and apartments, bungalows as staircase is integral part of these houses structure. Most often the staircase is located in living room or in important part of home. You must make your staircase attractive part of your home.

Ideas to make your staircase the attractive part of your home:

Photo frames on stairwall

Wall of Fame: well on the wall of staircase you can put the pictures of your family. Kind of make hall of fame of the achievements and the special moments of the family. You can put the pictures of family, friends and add décor of flowers and lights. This is not possible in living room wall, but staircase wall can be like gallery.

Light it up:

Creative Stairs Architecture Art Designs

At staircase you can give an extension of your creativity. Be creative as you wish to be. Lighting is essential but if you do it beautifully with overhead spotlights, which will make stairs well lit and even safe. You can use the lights on steps of dramatic effect. Trendy chandeliers can create magic. Lighting makes the staircase look elegant, nice and chic.

Creative Staircase Designs

Also when you making your staircase you have so many options such as wood, stone, and carpeting on staircase, gives it interesting look with nice handrail.

Handrail designs for stairs

Perfect landing: the landing of the stairs is the making or breaking of the entire décor of stairways. Place large vase or you can keep a pot of indoor plants and even a tall lamp in corner. But remember not to clutter the stairways.

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