Making Your Home An Expression Of Yourself


Making a home look wow! It isn’t an easy task agreed, but with innovative DIY home decor ideas, you can make your home look appealing. Of course, a contemporary home doesn’t always mean that it’s perfect for your particular budget, taste, or lifestyle. You can make your home an expression of yourself by finding a balance between trendy decorating ideas and unique décor that reflects who you are. Here are some ways to decorate your home with less spending money.


The Right Wall Color

Do you know how they say purse contents can tell a lot about you? Well, so can walls. The right wall color can help create just the right atmosphere in a room. It can make a place feel cozy, lively, serene, energized, or stir a variety of other emotions. If the paint is too plain for you (no judgment here), maybe try an accent wall with wallpaper with a design or theme that reflects something you like. And don’t forget wall art—that can be the most significant statement of them all!

Personal Collection

Personal Collection

Turning your collection of books, music, collectible figurines, or other items into a point of interest is an excellent form of self-expression.

  • Books: A few coffee table books on a subject you’re passionate about or a bookcase filled with your book collection would be an attractive way to personalize your décor.
  • Music: A music corner with your favorite music attractively displayed, framed photos of your favorite musicians, or a framed piece of music and other details related to music could become an ideal place to relax.
  • Collectibles: An attractive display of items that you enjoy collecting can quickly become a decorative feature in any room.

Keep in mind that when your treasures are on display, they can become easy targets for thieves. But if you have a security system, 24/7 monitoring like what you get with ADT provides comfort through constant connect security systems.

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet Hardware

Fun cabinet knobs and drawer can make you smile every time you see them—as well as spark conversation with guests. With an enormous variety of designs to choose from, you can tie together your whole house with one design, change from room to room, or even use an eclectic assortment.

Personalizing The Front Door

Unique Antique Door Knockers

Door knockers are quickly becoming more popular, and as such an easily-installed feature, they’re a perfect candidate for personalizing your home.

Miscellaneous Decor

Small decorative details can be just what you need to tie a room together. Unique lamps, themed bookends, throw pillows, and even switchplate/outlet covers can be just what you need.


Don’t let the experts tell you what you should or shouldn’t like—make your home a reflection of yourself with small touches that make a big impression. Once you do, you might find that your house feels homier than ever before!

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